• ADE7854A, ADE7858A, ADE7868A, ADE7878A

    Hi all,

    I'm designing power meter and analyzer. I consider using one of the above mentioned metering ICs.

    I was looking at the datasheet for detailed technical specifications, however the datasheet was little confusing.

    I need to have an exact…

  • ADE7868 total harmonic distortion

    Hi everybody,

    We´re moving from ADE7753 to ADE7868A in our energy meter design as we needed to measure total harmonic distortion. In the product selector, the ADE7868A states it measures total harmonic distortion, but in the user manual I can´t see a…

  • RE: Digital isolators for multiple energymeters in the same SPI bus

    Thanks, Gary

    Our product needs to monitor a distribution system which will be a mix of single phase and three phase loads and sources. We are planning to use a combination of ADE7868A, ADE7953 and ADE7816 devices on a common SPI bus. The project is too…

  • RE: ADE 7878A SPI communication issue


    I suggest you build the program to monitor IRQ1\ pin of the ADE7868A. After power up, wait until IRQ1 goes low, then you do the SS\pin toggling as above. This will ensure the chip sees that you want to use SPI. I am afraid that the chip is not ready…

  • RE: ADE7868 SPI Communication

    Hi Sedgewicks,

    Could you share the schematic for the connection of the SPI pins, it would be useful to take a look.

    The MISO pin is the data output pin for the ADE7868A, the pin does not need a pull-up or pull-down, make sure that the MCU isn't trying…

  • ADE7868 SPI Communication

    Hello everyone,

    we are experiencing some problems with SPI communication between a STM32F4 MCU and an ADE7868A.

    The connection is straight between MISO, MOSI, SCK, /SS, /RESET.

    We do what follows:

    Set /SS high

    Reset the ADE7868 toggling low /RESET…

  • RE: ADE7868 linearity issues on current channels

    Hello Hariharan,

    thanks for your answer.

    1. These currents are provided through a set of incandescent lamps. We have an accurate CT based meter reading the current flowing in the phase and we also verified with an ammeter in series. To achieve the…

  • RE: Required 3-phase energy metering IC

    Hi Sai,

    For measureing a 3 phase system at 400Hz I would recommend using a part such as the ADE7858A or ADE7868A if you want to use CT's to measure the current. If you rather use shunts for the current measurement then I would recommend the ADE7978 with…

  • Power up procedure for ADE7878A


    I'm currently using AD7878A with atmel microcontroller. communication between the two is through SPI (isolated using isolators) and power domain of ADE7878A and Microcontroller is different. In datasheet it has written that

    "it is necessary…

  • 3-Phase Energy Meter Using ADE7878A

    Dear Analog Devices Technical Support:

    I am Aniruddh Marellapudi, a master's student at Georgia Tech. I am working on a networked 3-phase energy meter, and have selected the ADE7878A as the analog front end due to it's comprehensive set of energy metering…