• ADE7854A, ADE7858A, ADE7868A, ADE7878A

    Hi all,

    I'm designing power meter and analyzer. I consider using one of the above mentioned metering ICs.

    I was looking at the datasheet for detailed technical specifications, however the datasheet was little confusing.

    I need to have an exact…

  • ADI 三相智能电表参考设计 ─ 基於ADE7858A和SIM900A(转贴)


  • 关于ADE7858A使用的若干问题




    3.手册上说的"数据存储RAM寄存器”启用写保护之前,"向队列内的最后 一个寄存器写入三次,以确保将其值写入RAM…

  • RE: ADE7880 or ADE7978 for Industrial panels power monitoring?

    Hi Eduartua

    Yes. You are correct in saying that for very large currents such as 1000A, shunts are not a good choice for current sensing. In that case, you can always go for CTs or Rogowski coils that support such current levels. Just make sure to not…

  • ADE7858A硬件连接!

    1.ADE7858A裸露焊盘exposed pad应不应该接AGND?(英文手册说一定要接AGND,中文手册说不要有任何电气的连接那只是加强机械强度和散热的?)  



  • RE: Required 3-phase energy metering IC

    Hi Sai,

    For measureing a 3 phase system at 400Hz I would recommend using a part such as the ADE7858A or ADE7868A if you want to use CT's to measure the current. If you rather use shunts for the current measurement then I would recommend the ADE7978 with…

  • ADE7858A Phase B calibration in 3 wire delta system

    I have been using the ADE7858A chip for a particular monitoring application. Now when the configuration is used to monitor a 3 phase Delta system(Phase B is the reference) I understand that the Phase A & Phase C registers read out the Line to Line voltage…

  • RE: 急,急,急 ADE7878 SPI通讯问题


  • RE: ADE7758 interface to Microcontroller through SPI

    Hi Panneerrajan

    Yes. In that case, you could use a potential divider (total resistance in the order of 10kohm or so) as well to do the same for the ADE IC 5V logic level outputs. If this is to make a utility grade energy meter, I would recommend going…

  • Power up procedure for ADE7878A


    I'm currently using AD7878A with atmel microcontroller. communication between the two is through SPI (isolated using isolators) and power domain of ADE7878A and Microcontroller is different. In datasheet it has written that

    "it is necessary…