• Using Crystal with 16.00 MHz instead of 16.384 MHz in AD7858A

    Hi! I know that ADE7858A should be clocked via crystal with frequency from 16.22 MHz to 16.55 MHz. Could crystal with 16.00 MHz be used with ADE7858A? What will be happened with power measurements? Regards, Ivan

  • RE: ADE78××Eval

    Capacitor withstand voltage is different on the evaluation board of ADE7758 / ADE7858A

    Evaluation board BOM,
    The ADE 7758 is 50 V withstand voltage,
    The ADE7858A has 16V withstand voltage

    Even with the ADE 7758, is it no problem…
  • ADE7858A Calculations for Rogowski Coil


    I want to use a PA3202NL Rogowski Coil from Pulse Electronics  with ADE7858A.

    Datasheet: 416 µV/A @ 50Hz.

    Can this Coil be used with ADE7858A?

    How do i calculate the IGAIN and other needed registers for a Rogowski coil?

    Thank you

  • ADE7858A input protection

    Hi Prof,

    We use ADE7858A in our system. The input range of ADE7858A is +/-0.5V. I hope to know if there are some very simple input protection components to protect the circuit that match this energy management chip, such as TVS/MOVs.

    Thanks advance

  • ADE7858A protection

    Hi everyone,


    I have a technical question about hardware issues:

    Analog inputs get damaged soon in testing, first 1voltage input got damaged and then
    all of the inputs did and I lost AVDD, all happened in my lab in normal conditions,
    can a pair of 1N4148…

  • Revenue grade metering IC


    Can I use ADE7858A IC for revenue grade metering (ANSI C12.20 Class 0.5).



  • Register to read chip references in ADE7880A / ADE7858A


    I have a board working with ADE7880. 

    Exists the possibility to mount other references like ADE7858A, ADE7878A,...

    I want only one firmware version for all the references. I want to autodetect the chip reference mounted and change the way the…

  • ADE7858A AGND DGND Neutral Connection

    I am using ADE7858A for my application. ADE7858A is interfaced with an microcontroller over I2C protocol. I have connected AGND, DGND and neutral together. I was bit worried about these connections and have following questions:-

    1.) Is it ok if I don…

  • ADE7858A Gets Stucks


    We have used ADE7858A in our product for energy measurement purpose. In few devices on field we have observed that all the electrical parameter value gets stuck and frequency value becomes 409.6 Hz. After some diagnostics we have found that RSTDONE…

  • ADI 三相智能电表参考设计 ─ 基於ADE7858A和SIM900A(转贴)