• How to realize an energy meter with reverse lock

    Hi all,

    I am using ADE7854A and I want to know if a realization of a reverse lock is possible with this AFE, such that negative energy flow being completely ignored and only positive energy flow being accumulated and displayed by CFx pulses.

    After reading…

  • Phase calibration capabilities of ADE7854A

    Hi all,

    I have an urgent question about the phase shift compensation capabilities of the ADE7854A.

    In the data sheet, a phase shift compensation range of -6,7° to +1,1° (at 50Hz) is noted.

    I am confused about the direction of this amounts, what is…

  • ADE7854A, ADE7858A, ADE7868A, ADE7878A

    Hi all,

    I'm designing power meter and analyzer. I consider using one of the above mentioned metering ICs.

    I was looking at the datasheet for detailed technical specifications, however the datasheet was little confusing.

    I need to have an exact…

  • ADE7854A accuracy over frequency variation

    Hi all,

    today I have an issue regarding the meter accuracy over frequency variation.

    For realizing an energymeter which accuracy meets EN 50470 requirements, it is (amongst other things) necessary to keep the additional error lower than 0,3% (class…

  • ADE7854A SPI SCLK Schmitt trigger input


    I have a question to the SPI Clock specifications of ADE7854A family.

    In the Pin description (datasheet page 15), SCLK/SCL is described with:

    Serial Clock Input for the SPI Port/Serial Clock Input for the I 2 C Port. All serial data transfers synchronize…

  • RE: ADE78xxA crystal circuitry

    Hello Meghan,

    thanks for your reply.

    In this case, I would rather prefer to use a crystal oscillator as clock generator, like Jauch JO22H family, or Seiko Epson SG-211SCE family.

    What are the considerations for using a clock generator? Can I directly…

  • RE: current sensor circuit grounded to digital plane?

    Hi David,

    just for clarification:

    My system design provides a supply zone with its ground plane for all the microcontroller stuff etc, and a local supply zone for the energy meter part; this zone is divided in a digital and an analog zone (with digital…

  • RE: how to créate an Energy meter  2p3w  2x120/208V  5(100) amp, 800 imp.

    Hi Carlos.

    It looks like you want to know how to make a meter which measures 2 voltages and 2 currents.

    The ADE7953 can measure 2 currents but only one voltage so I recommend the ADE7858A which can measure up to 3 currents and 3 voltages.

    If you do…

  • Power up procedure for ADE7878A


    I'm currently using AD7878A with atmel microcontroller. communication between the two is through SPI (isolated using isolators) and power domain of ADE7878A and Microcontroller is different. In datasheet it has written that

    "it is necessary…

  • About connecting Neutral wire to AGND

    Hi all,

    I have a question about the supply and sensing circuit situation of the AFE.

    We use ADE7854A, supplied by a hot buck converter circuit directly from line.

    The Neutral wire (N) is directly connected with AGND from the AFE.

    The voltage dividers…