• ADE7880 / ADE7854

    I'm trying to connect an ADE7880 meter eval board to a beaglebone. I noticed the IIO driver for 7874 and found a tech document that documented the register remapping and other changes between the 7854 and 7880. I'm currently testing setting up the IIO…

  • ADE7854 Linux driver

    Hi everybody!

    I see ADE7854 driver in the mainstream Linux kernel. Where I can find example of user application for read data from ADE7854 in the Linux user space?

  • ade7854 linux driver documentation

    I have been able to get the Linux driver for the ADE7854 working, at least to the point of it creating a file structure under the /sys/bus/iio/ hierarchy. However, I seem to be getting lots of zeroes back when reading the various registers. I can see…

  • ADE7854 VCP and VN Pins

    I have a question on the ADE7854,   I have a
    design that’s currently using the VCP and VN pins as an additional current
    sensing transformer input, basically I am using it in the same way as the IA
    and IN pins, is there any issue with this?

    I am about to resuse…

  • Upgrading ADE7754 with ADE7854 or ADE7880


    My name is Meir and I am DFAE from Poenix Technoloty in Israel.

    Satec, one of my castomers, use the ADE7754 for energy metering applications.

    They are considering upgrading it with ADE7854 or ADE7880.

    Is the SOFTWARE code shall be significantly…

  • ADE78xx

    Resources specific to the ADE78xx series of parts can be found here.

  • RE: ADE7878的零线电流可不可以不采集?

    ADE7854和ADE7858没有零线测量通道,是pin to pin兼容的


  • Raspberry Pi with ADE7868 via SPI

    Hi all,

    I´m new here and hope you can help me. A friend gave me a Raspberry Pi with a board that is meant to measure analog Current Values. On this board is a ADE7868. I followed the wiring  and figured out that it is connected via SPI.

    Now to my question…

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