• ADE7816 not appearing on I2C Bus

    Hi all,

    I currently am having an issue with two ADE7816 chips in my system. I have both connected identically (one senses 6 current channels, the other senses 2). 

    I am having an issue where sometimes one chip will come up on I2C and the other won't…

  • ADE7816

    I want to make a DC energy metering equipment. Can ADE7816 measure DC voltage and DC current?

  • SPI problems on ADE7816


    We have a strange problem with ADE7816 that we are exploring for using in a product. We can't get any communication via SPI, although I2C is working fine. The situation:

    1. The IC boots well, all voltage references are fine, IRQ1 flags ready…

  • ADE7816: HSD hanging high and low at random


    I'm currently working on an implementation of the ADE7816. At it's current state, I've been able to calibrate and configure the chip for RMS readings and power. I'm now trying to utilize the HSDC interface to gather instantaneous waveform data for…


    Hello everyone, sorry my inconvenience. I am a student and i am learning with ADE7816. When i read the ENERGY MEASUREMENT and LINE CYCLE ACCUMULATION MODE chap in the datasheet, I have some questions:

    1: As far as I understanding,when the line cycle accumulation…

  • ADE7816 hardware reset


    I'm having trouble correctly resetting an ADE7816. I have two different scenarios:

    1. When power is plugged, there is no problem, I successfully communicates with it (I2C) after the reset procedure.

    2. However, when I reset my MCU (without…

  • RE: interface atmega328 and ade7816 using SPI


    Sorry for missing this item. I know this is long-overdue. However, we are clearing up some open items as others may find this useful.

    I noticed this thread with a sample source code. This might be helpful as a reference.


  • ADE7816 Startup

    I am able to write and read to all appropriate  register but when I write to the run with 0x01 and then read that register it says its value is 0 

     Set_write_8(CONFIG2, 0x02);// sets the i2c lock
        Set_write_32(WTHR1, 0x02);// frequency from update to acculation…
  • ADE7878A & ADE7816 common issues - AFE's resetting

    Hello gents I hope all is great.

    I have a customer that is developing 2 projects using ADE7878A and ADE7816. He has been successful by now with metrology and measurements but there is one issue (common to the two platforms )  that is calling my attention…

  • ADE7816 with different size CT

    What should be taking in consideration when using different size CT on ADE7816  I am using 5amp and 50 amp CT for resolution purposes.  

    How do I calibrate the system properly?