• RE: ADE7816: SPI port

    Thank you for your reply.

    I mount three ADE7816 per one board.

    However, I occasionally use only one ADE7816.

    At that time, I want to turn off the power supply of ADE7816 not used.

    A MCU communicate with ADE7816 that the power supply turns on.


  • RE: Request example code or application note about SPI of ADE7880

    Hi Ramji,

    we did not use this microcontroller in our developments, but I am convinced you can take the C code I attached above to make a SPI communication between atmega328 and the ADE7816. The SPI port of the ADE7816 is identical with the SPI port of…

  • ADE78xx: current input channel


    I have a question about the current input channel of ADE78xx.

    I will use the ADE7880 and ADE7816 for a measurement unit.

    The ADE7880 have three differential current inputs.

    The ADE7816 have three differential current inputs and three single…

  • RE: ADE7816, saveral questions

    This question can be closed, it was finished outside of this discussion page.

    To conclude it, there is currently a revised ADE7816 data sheet that is on the website at analog.com/ade7816.

    Thank You,


  • RE: ADE7816 hardware reset


    After investigations, there was a hardware issue that prevented the ADE7816 from receiving correctly the reset command. So my issue is not with the ADE7816

    Thank you all for your support and quick responses !

  • ADE7816

    In ADE7816, the no load current channels are showing high current readings. What might be the reason?

  • RE: ADE7816 for current measurements (only)

    Hi Hmani,

    Thanks for the information.

    Can we control ADE7816 I2C from an external controller on ADE7816 EBZ eval board other than

    existing o board microcntroller USB port?



  • RE: Which Energy Meter IC should I choose for my graduate thesis?


    Are all the breakers on the same phase? If yes, you can use ADE7816 which has one voltage channel and 6 current channels.

    ADE7816 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices 

  • ADE7816 Startup

    I am able to write and read to all appropriate  register but when I write to the run with 0x01 and then read that register it says its value is 0 

     Set_write_8(CONFIG2, 0x02);// sets the i2c lock
        Set_write_32(WTHR1, 0x02);// frequency from update to acculation…
  • RE: Use of multiple ADE7816 with single MCU


         thanks... that's the conclusion that we came to... we will have to have an MCU just to manage the multiple I2C and multiple SPI interfaces.  And since the ADE7816 is the master that means that we have to find an MCU with multiple SPI interfaces…