• ADE7763 Woes

    Hello Experts!

    Calling out for help again while I'm in difficulty.

    I'm working on a power meter setup using the ADE7763 and finding it difficult to get the correct Vrms, Vpeak, Irms, Ipeak values from the chip. I am using the attached schematic…

  • ADE7763

    I have the ADE7763 which I am trying to prototype for a new product we are developing but I am having problems communicating over SPI with it.

    The command I am currently interested in is the IRMS value or the RMS current value. I’m sending 00010110,…

  • ADE7763 Isolated Voltage Measurement

    I am designing a single phase power measurement circuit using the ADE7763 for interfacing to a controller circuit. I need to achieve 3750V reinforced insulation between ADE7763 power measurement circuit and ucontroller. Rather than achieving insulation…

  • ADE7763 VRMS read SPI


    I am new in forum please be forbearance. I tray to read Vrms using ADE7763+ATmega16A (SPI communications). I can read and write to ADE7763 register but when I plug voltage to channel 2 of ADE7763 register with  VRMS (0x17) they show 0. Only after…

  • ADE7763  SPI


    seams that I have a problem with the chip spi, I am trying to write 0x04 to the IRQEN register and when I read it back I get some extra bits enabled !

    CYCEND TEMP RESET even that I was enabling CYCEND only, also when I try to write 0xFFFF to MODE…

  • [ADE7763] IPEAK usecase


    One of customer would like to measure power of their equimpment.

    For calculate power, since Voltage and Power Factor are fixed, so ADE7763 just will be used for Current measurement continuously.

    At this use case of ADE7763, do the user just…

  • ADE7763:Power Measurements


    For ADE7763, it seems confuse to me on how does the meter measure the power factor(PF) as the PF is needed to measure the active power=VI cos θ. Because to measure the power factor we can just divide active power with apparent power. But, there is…

  • ADE7763 Ground Connection


    I tried to design a circuit with ADE7763. My question about is grounding. I share a photo of general ground system of my design;

    So do you think this connection is correct? Because in manual of device it shows I need to short-circuit with AGND…

  • ADE7763 measurement fluctuations

    We have designed a smart energy meter for isolated mini-grids with ADE7763. Circuit schematic is copied from datasheet. We have tried with two different power sources and both return same graph.

    Weare obtainig a sinusoidal fluctuation of the voltage measurement…