• asking about ADE7763 Vrms and Irms register value

    hi everyone. im new at this forum

    i want to ask about ADE7763 Vrms and Irms register value.

    as i known when i read datasheet, the Maximum value between V1p-V1n and V2p-V2n is 0.5V peak, the maximum rms value can reach is 1868467d (0x1C82B3) in the IRMS register…

  • ADE7763 returning all values zero

    I am using ADE7763 with STM32 microcontroller. I am using PT and CT for measurements. The Input pin of ade7763 is getting the desired value, but when we are reading the values from uC, all the values are giving zero. We have checked the SPI communication…

  • how to read actice power and apparent power value on ADE7763

    hi guys.

    im working on ADE7763 using Arduino Uno

    i give ade7763 inputs (v1p-v1n, v2p-v2n) by using Analog Discovery 2.

    and Vrms, Irms register give the the values as i respect when i change inputs waveform.

    for example : 

    both V1p-V1n, V2p-V2n input = 100mv…

  • ADE7763 gives power factor value more than 1

    I am using ADE7763 with STM32 microcontroller for reading V,I, Apparent and real power and power factor.

    But it seems ADE7763 is giving value of real power more than apparent power that is causing the power factor to be more than one which is wrong. I…

  • ADE7763 reading all zeros

    My schematic is as follows, based on the design shown in the Eva Board. I would like to know if there is something I am missing or doing wrong.

    The CT is a ZMCT116A, reading the current of a 150W lamp. So far, the only registers returning data are default…

  • ADE7763 commucation - write register issue


    I have problem with writing to ADE7763 registers. After write any value to register is readed register default value. Tested with MODE (writed 0x0005, readed 0x00C0) and IRQEN (writed 0x0010, readed 0x0040).

    Clock of ADE7763 is 3.3MHz from microcontroler…

  • ADE7763 Interrupts ZXTO and SAG - different behavior between two devices


    I have two ADE7763 connected via SPI to MCU (ATTINY416). ZXTO Interrupt work and SAG Interrupt don't work at the first device. ZXTO Interrupt don't work and SAG Interrupt work at the second device. Why?

    Devices Registers Setup:
    SAGCYC =…

  • ADE7763 frequency deviation spec

    Hi ADI expert

    May I know the below spec stated in datasheet stands for the frequency measurement accuracy of ADE7763?



  • How to Calculate the power factor in ADE7763

    Dear Sir I am using ADE7763/7753 I want to know how to calculate the power factor as this ic don't give power factor directly

    If I do the ratio of LAENERGY AND LVAENERGY than I got value more than 1, which is not correct 

    Please help

    Regards Kulde…

  • ADE7763 Woes

    Hello Experts!

    Calling out for help again while I'm in difficulty.

    I'm working on a power meter setup using the ADE7763 and finding it difficult to get the correct Vrms, Vpeak, Irms, Ipeak values from the chip. I am using the attached schematic…