• ADE7758 Hang in linecycle mode

     I have an application where i am using Two ADE7758 to measure 3 phase
    voltages for Mains , Generator etc.Both channels are different and are
    fed with isolated supplies of 5V dc.

    SInce in the design The neutral is made common to the ground.I am
    facing the…

  • Ade7758 Lenergy


    In ade7758, How can i get active energy without IRQ pin?

  • RE: ADE7758: Line cycle energy accumulation method

    Half line cycle is exactly that. 

    If you have 50Hz the half cycle time is 10ms


    If you want 1sec of  accumulation set linecycle to  1/10ms = 100 half linecycles. 

    If you want 5 sec os accumulation set linecycle to 5/10ms = 500 half line cycles. 

  • RE: ADE7758 line-cycle accumulation mode

    Hello, I have a problem related to energy reading with the line cycles. When I measure with 60 half cycles, the AWATTHR value is constant, and then when I measure with 120 half cycles or more, the AWATTHR value varies and the AEHF bit of half full register…

  • ADE7758, 4096d output from vrms register irrespective of input voltage

    I am facing issue with ADE7758. I am getting 4096d as the answer from all VRMS registers irrespective of the input voltage. Please help.



    Estoy midiendo la energía por ciclos de línea.

    1. Mi duda es si el registro AWATTHR se desbordará si deseo medir a la máxima capacidad del registro LINECYC que es 65535 medios ciclos.

    2. Que valores en decimal debo medir…

  • ADE7758 get spike on current Channel.

    Hello, We are using ADE7758 for 3 phase Voltage and Current Monitoring and Metering.  We get the all three Phase voltages properly. The problem is within current channel. We get the successful current readings but on phase Y and on phase B we get  sudden…

  • Ade7758 calibration vrms


    I am working on ade7758 .

    I can read and write in registers and i have no problem .i can read all of the default value correctly.

    I can get vrms value but it is not calibration.

    I get offset value for vrms and set in register.i turn it into real value…

  • Neutral to AGND isolation in ADE7758


    We are using ADE7758 for our three phase energy monitoring application. We designed the circuit as per the circuit recommended by datasheet. Datasheet says that Neutral needs to be tied to AGND. AGND is internally short to DGND. This type of circuit…