• ADE7758 com esp32

    IRQ do ADE 7758, qual pino devo ligar no ESP32? No Arduíno é conectado na porta TX.

  • ADE7758 Application Note or Sample Code


    We have used ADE7758 for 3 phase energy measurement on our latest hardware. I am struggling with writing firmware for energy measurement (WH). Is there an application note explaining the same or example software for ADE7758 that can guide on firmware…

  • ADE7758 Conitnuous Hardware Interrupt Occuring

    I want three features from ADE7758 that is PKV IRQ, PKI IRQ and SAGA and SAGB IRQ, whenever there is a peak detected in Voltage, peal detected in Current and SAG detected in Voltage.

     The problem is that, seperately all the three are working fine, i.e…

  • Currents and voltages read from ADE7758 randomly "freezing", fixes only with software reset

    This is a very similar issue as in this post -  ADE7758 voltage reading hangs on contactor swtching...  sadly, there is no answer...

    In our application we have a STM32 microcontroller talking to an ADE7758 chip via ADuM1411Bxxx isolator. ADE7758 is the…

  • RE: ADE7758 voltage reading hangs on contactor swtching...

    Hello! Can you please share some more details about the solution that you have found? We are probably facing the same problem, but it is extremely hard to replicate (happens very rarely) so also hard to investigate. I'm pretty sure the SPI communication…

  • RE: Starting with ADE7758 !

    Hi is this step correct "

  • ADE7758 Hang in linecycle mode

     I have an application where i am using Two ADE7758 to measure 3 phase
    voltages for Mains , Generator etc.Both channels are different and are
    fed with isolated supplies of 5V dc.

    SInce in the design The neutral is made common to the ground.I am
    facing the…

  • Ade7758 Lenergy


    In ade7758, How can i get active energy without IRQ pin?

  • RE: ADE7758: Line cycle energy accumulation method

    Half line cycle is exactly that. 

    If you have 50Hz the half cycle time is 10ms


    If you want 1sec of  accumulation set linecycle to  1/10ms = 100 half linecycles. 

    If you want 5 sec os accumulation set linecycle to 5/10ms = 500 half line cycles.