• Energy Metering device based on ADE7755 with MCU

    Hello, I am completely new in this. 

    I'm trying to do college project. 

    I've done this schematic based on ADE7755 datasheet and AN-559 application node. My knowledge about this is not great. Could this schematic work?

    For power supply I'm using two…

  • ADE7751或者ADE7755的采样率如何计算


  • RE: 基于ADE7755的电表方案DDSF

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  • RE: 使用ADE7755测量功率和电能

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  • RE: ADE7755: Active and Harmonic Power

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  • RE: 有谁用过ADE7755做过电表??需要帮助!!

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  • ADE7755 clock


    Our customer will use 2pcs of ADE7755 per system.

    Then can we use those clock like atttached file ?

    If possible, we can reduce the number of crystal  so could you give me your advice ?

    If  there is any problem about this method,  please let me…

  • ADE7755 Implementation

    I want to use ADE7755 for measuring power of an appliance/bulb. Under application notes I found a circuit for implementing a watt-hour meter using AD7755.

    Refer : http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/recommended_reading/815002980PowerTheoryNew…

  • RE: 从产品的更迭看ADI如何架起一座物理世界到数字世界的桥梁



    ADE7755是一款高精度、电能计量IC。 该产品的技术规格超越了IEC 1036标准所列的精度要求。ADE7755采用的模拟电路是ADC和基准电压源电路。 所有其它信号处理(例如,乘法和滤波)都在数字域中实现。 这种方式能够始终在极端环境条件下提供出色的稳定性和精度。ADE7755在低频输出F1和F2上提供平均有功功率信息。上述逻辑输出可用于直接驱动机电计数器或与MCU接口。CF逻辑输出提供瞬时有功功率信息。 该输出设计用于校准或与MCU接口。


    Hello Matteo, 

    please reference AN-559 https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/application-notes/AN559.pdf pg 2 figure 1

    There is an example of the ADE7755 using a cap based 5v supply derived from the same 220v that is begin measured. you…