I have rigged up circuit as given here: ez.analog.com/.../7754.JPG

    This is working circuit as per link here : https://ez.analog.com/thread/39985

    I am interfacing it to arduino with spi communication(as the ic has only spi) but, I am not getting any…

  • Problem with ADE7754 continued operation.


    We are using ADE7754 in our product 'Pump Controller/Monitor' for gathering
    pump voltage, current, power information for control and monitoring.
    The unit is supposed to work 24 x 7. The ambient around the panel never
    exceeds 40 degC.

    The pump…

  • ADE7754读些问题


    void init_ADE7754(void)                           //ADE7754初始化


      write_Data_8(0x0a, 0x04);   //OPMODE CF的输出不使能

      write_Data_8(0x0b, 0x10);   //mmode,相的选择,A:0x10;B:0x25;C:0x4a/0x70 ABC都选

      write_Data_8(0x0c, 0x08);      //Wavmode…

  • ade7754 Irms and Vrms

    i´m working in a project with a ade7754 but I do not know why dose calculations are made differently, why do you have high pass filters only in the current channel and why the order of gain and offset are not the same

  • DC measurement using ADE7754


    I am trying to built a single phase DC energy meter using ADE7754 energy ic. Only A phase is used and all other is connected directly with the circuit ground. Phase A Current channel is connected with a shunt resistor and voltage is through a…

  • ADE7754 interfacing with Atmega16

    I am interfacing ADE7754 IC with ATmega16 inorder to read RMS and current values the problem i am facing is as follows

    1.Connected IRQ pin with my external interrupt pin but its not triggering the interrupt following are the register configuration

  • ADE7754 strange xIrms values after reset

    Hello all,

    I am developing an application with MCU LPC1768 communicating to ADE7754 over SPI. ADE is used to only measure RMS current on 3 phases at 230V@50Hz using CTs, thus I only read AIRMS, BIRMS and CIRMS registers with period of 100ms to get the…

  • Energy Meter with ADE7754 problem


    I`ve got a problem with reactive power meter with ADE 7754.

    I now how to read active power. But I how to do it with reactive.

    What should I do with table

    If I understand right reactive energy could be read as follows:

    1 read PF=LAENERGY/LV…

  • about the ade7754 energy calculation

    hi. i want to use ade7754 in my project. you know the ade7754 is poly phase meter. i wonder can i calculate the energy calculation for the current channel one by one.


  • ADE7754 rms voltage and current


    I am using ADE7754 to read current and voltage values. Have established SPI communication and is working fine. But when i try to read voltage and current values i am not getting a response from  ADE. Can anyone help me out with this regard.