• Calibration ADE7753 VRMSOS HELP


    - I have some doubts about how to calibrate the voltage channel of the ADE7753.
    - I performed some measurements, varying the voltage from 220 to 70 Volts, and got the following values ​​read from the register.

    - I'm using a variation to vary the…

  • ADE7753 voltage and current divider PCB

    Hi, I have a question about the voltage divider. I'm using a divider with R1 = 1M and R2 = 1K, my voltage input is 220Vac.
    The multimeter is measuring 225mV in relation to the GND.
    My doubt is if the voltage channel gain should be set as GAIN1 or GAIN2…

  • ADE7753 Watt Gain Calibrating problem

    Hi Guys,

    I'm working on ADE7753 to design an Energy metering, I'm trying to calibrating ADE7753 according the datasheet and "Calibrating the ADE7753 for Watt, VAR RMS and VA measurements article Feb/2003",  but I have problem to calibrate…

  • Calibration VRMS & IRMS ADE7753

    Hi, I'm reading the values ​​of the ADE7753 registers, I was wondering how I can calibrate these registers that are being printed on the serial monitor.
    My AC network contains the following features.
    Vrms = 210
    Irms = 0
    Hz = 60
    I'm not using any input…
  • ADE7753 PCB

    Hi, I built my own measuring board with the ADE7753, but sometimes it swings the voltage measurements back to the norm. And when I do a calibration using the arduino when I turn it on again it loses a little the reference of the last calibration, would…

  • ade7753求帮助

    想要读取电流、电压、功率、电能。直接读寄存器就行了吗? 相位、增益误差方面的内容怎么进行设置?

  • 求ADE7753的开发板


  • LAENERGY reading problem in ADE7753


    i am working first time on any energy IC, i am having below problem

    -i am reading LAENERGY, LVAENERGY register as per given procedure in data sheet, but when i swith off & switch on the system sometime i get value and sometime i don't get any value…

  • 急急急,ADE7753读IRMS






    //SBUF = lv…


    Hi everyone,

    Im student of Electrical & Electronic engineering in the country of India, I am implementing an energy meter with the ADE7753 and arduino UNO the voltage line is 230 VAC and 50 Hz ,  for the current measurement I am using a Current Transformer…