• Suggest the parts of LCD modules to interface to ADE5169,  we are unable find the LCD modules to interface the ADE5169 LCD interface

    Suggest the parts of LCD modules to interface to ADE5169,  we are unable find the LCD modules to interface the ADE5169 LCD interface

  • ADE5169

    I have purchased ADE5169 for a project on power monitor. The data sheet not provide application example on that. Please guide me to program the IC and how to interface the LCD and the 8052 microcontroller. 

  • ade5169


     we are using single phase energy metering ic ade5169 for our project. we are able to get Vrms, Irms, active power, and reactive power values as expected. but problem is sometimes even load is connected Irms value is showing lesser and at the time…

  • Start of chips ADE5169

    Hello Need help with starting chip ADE5169. I am developing an electricity meter on a chip ADE5169. The problem is that the gradual increase of the voltage controller is reset. Resets mattered variables.

  • RE: ADE8052-EMUL1

    Please use UG-061 evaluation board manual as reference. Connector P14 (see figure 50 schematic at page 26) is the connector used to connect the emulator to the ADE5169. The manual and related software can be found here: http://www.analog.com/en/analog…

  • RE: Calibrating a Single-Phase Energy Meter Based on the ADE5169

    Hi hmani,

    I already bought the chip ADE5169 and I started my project. So, I dont want to start it all with a new one, but thank you for the advice.

    And I will ask them about AN950.

    Do you know if  Analog Devices will stop producing the chip ADE5169…

  • ADE5569 AC voltage measurement and DC supply grounding


    Im going to measure single AC line voltage (230V) using ADE5569. MCU is currently on a breadboard and is supplied with lab DC power supply. When DC supply is disconnected from the circuit and AC voltage is connected to ADE according to datasheet…

  • Software

    Welcome. This page contains software related contents like source codes, evaluation software files, scripts, and drivers to the different ADE products.

    Item SW Link Title Type/Product
    1 EVAL-ADE7759 Software ADE7759 Evaluation Software ADE7759
  • About ADE5169 max supply current in PSM2 mode, RTC only



         Our customer are using ADE5169 to development smart meter, and refer ADE5169 datasheet to make their product specification.


    Their found a description in datasheet about ADE5169 in "PSM2 RTC only, TA = 25°C, VBAT = 3.3V" condition, the…