• ADE1202 FAQs

    Q1. Where I can download the GUI that accompanies the evaluation board?

    A1. The GUI tool can be downloaded from this link

    Q2. I would like to write some embedded code for the ADE1202. Do you have any driver code available?

    A2. Yes, the ADE1202 driver code…

  • ADE1202 A/D capabilities and parameters

    I'd like to use ADE1202 As an isolated A/D but I have some questions:

    1. I'm trying to estimate the A/D Error and I'm missing few key parameters:

    • VRef (Internal 1.25V) Accuracy and Ripple
    • Gain & Offset Drift vs Temperature

    Is there…

  • ADE1201/02 Input Voltage Limits


    ADE1201/02 specifies "Application circuit monitors wide voltage range ±10 V dc to ±300 V dc 8 V rms to 240 V rms ac".

    On the other hand - AN-2034 (Configuring the ADE1202 Registers for a Protective Relay Application) specifies…

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