Should I modify dts to enable the camera?

    The unicam driver is loaded and the addi9036 seems not load correctly.

  • Help with dts on rpi compute module io board

    I have a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 installed on a Raspberry Pi Compute Module IO board. The IO board has 2 CSI connections. I wanted to bring up the ADDI9036 TOF dev kit on one of the  CSI ports. I have rebuilt the latest RPI kernel and also managed…

  • RE: Errors on kernel rebuild for TOF


    Please make sure that the files from


    were copied in the kernel folder downloaded from the nvidia webpage. This might be the issue for the missing addi9036 and…

  • RE: Eeprom data corrupted?


    Thanks for your reply.

    I think it is not a hardware problem because when  I started the adi tof demo exemple
    with dmseg --follow command in background, and I have the following output:

    [ 6.467920] addi9036 0-0064: addi9036 detected at address 0x64

  • RE: SUB clock driver circuit

    Hi Martin,

    After some more investigation the conclusion is that it's not possible to interface the ADDI9036 with the Sony CCD sensor. Even if it would be possible to solve the physical level issues there are some limitations in the way the ADDI9036 handles…

  • RE: Using an external VCSEL

    Hi Anton,

    Removing the diffuser might damage the VCSEL, so this is not really a solution.

    If you just need to synchronize your scanning device with the frames from the ToF sensor, then you could use GPO6 of ADDI9036. This GPO outputs a square signal with…

  • Zeros in received frame on Xavier NX / L4T 32.5


    managed to get Jetson Xavier NX probe correctly (?) the AD-96TOF1-EBZ with L4T R32.5, but still aditof-demo shows black / red images.

    The output i see is this:

    Notice that there are no error on the console and confirmed with first-frame that the…

  • RE: LEDs DS1-3 in rev C Camera Board for 3D TOF kit

    DS1 - indicates the camera board is powered up

    DS2 - indicates the status of the 9V supply which powers the CCD and part of the ADDI9036. The 9VDD supply turns on only after the ADDI9036 is programmed since it is controlled by the GPO3 of ADDI9036


  • Minimum feedback voltage recommended for TAL signals

    Hi ADI Team,
    What is the minimum feedback voltage in TAL(1 to 4) signal which ADDI9036 can accept. Also, what is the maximum sink current for ADDI9036 in TAL domains?
  • Jetson nano - When I built kernel image for jetson nano, I got ‘V4L2_CID_USER_ADDI9036_BASE’ undeclared error.


    I want to build kernel image for jetson nano by myself.

    I refer to following URL and acted step by step. Unfortunately, when built zImage I got following error. Could you please kindly help to solve the build error ?