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  • RE: Using of 2 ganged FBs ADD5211

    Hi Jon,

    OK, so can your ADD5211 drive type-A 1 string 2 LEDs? Not ADP2441.

    Power of customer will be 4.5V to 5.5V.

    Thanks Kaos

  • ADD5211驱动led有是线性调光,无闪烁的吗?


  • RE: ADD5211 design questions

    I'm a step closer now, but still have a problem left ...

    I reduced the switching frequency to 361 kHz, heat reduced a lot and power usage went down a little bit.

    But I have a 2 to 3V ripple on the LED voltage line, the Cout cap warms up more than…

  • ADD5211 FET + Rsense heating


    I've got a small 4-string LED driver board made using AD5211.

    It's schematic is basically the 'application circuit' from current datasheet and from Eval_ADD5211_Calculation.xlsx

    Rfreq = 49.9K (default)

    Rc/Cc = 100R, 2.2uF (default…

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  • ADI LED driver product for individual string control ?


    Just a simple question that can ADD5211 or ADP8140 control dimming individually on each of multi strings of LEDs ?

    If not, please let me know any products can have individual string control ?

    Best Regards,

  • RE: A couple of questions for your ADD5211 LED driver

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for your answer here.

    As for your answer for my question-1,

    Our customer is studying with your ADD5211 as drive current control.

    So from your spread sheet past you enclosed, he has tryed to calcurate as my enclosed.

    Look at the sheet…

  • ADM1278 ISET & ISTART Quick Calculation

    Dear All:

    I always have a lot of questions about ADM127x ISET and ISTART calculation ,ADI HotSwapDesigner excel file calculated resistor value , sometimes we not have these component can be used, so can you tell me how fast to calculate resistance v…

  • RE: LED driver selection

    This is the spec of the LED backlight from the datasheet: 

    Maximum LED voltage of this panel can be as high as 49.40 at cold operating temperatures, and as high as 46.32V at normal room temperature. 

    The LT3599 is only capable of powering up to 44V of…