• ADD5211


    Page one of the ADD5211 data sheet states that PWM dimming at 300 Hz, what is the maximum frequency that can be used for PWM dimming?

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  • ADD5211 LED Driver SPEC. Issue

    Dear Sir:

    I study ADD5211 LED Driver now. check ADD5211 PrA Datasheet have may question. pls see below. thanks

    Q1:The Figure 2. "dimming control". This function how to control it? not have any description in this document. can you tell me control it…

  • Motion when power-on at -40C for ADD5211

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I got one question from our customer.

    As for ADD5211 that was storaged on -40C, if we power supply it, then what trouble has comin?

    Not wake-up?

    Wake-up but not drive internal FET?

    Please let me know your expected result for this…

  • ADD5211 power on

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I`m using the ADD5211 to drive a LCD backlight, but sometimes (very rare) it doesn´t power on.

    After connecting the EN-pin or the UVLO-pin shortly to ground it starts again.

    Unfortunately I didn´t connect the Fault-pin, so I can`t monitor…

  • RE: Consumption current of ADD5211

    Hi Kaos,

    Yes, you can approximate the amount of power that the ADD5211 can dissipate by following the instructions in this thread:

    Using of 2 ganged FBs ADD5211

    It is just an approximation though, and so you should use it conservatively.   Theta JC is…

  • ADD5211 Lighting Board SPEC. Issue

    Dear All:

    Now I testing EVB-ADD5211 evb board. But I want to know If ADD5211 ISET Pin setup to 200mA at this evb board,the LED lighting board result will be how?(LED will be burned?),These LED maximum ratings current is how much ?,Can you provide lighting…

  • ADD5211 Cout,inductor scream issue

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             We use ADD5211  for four-string LED driving, input voltage is 12v, output voltage is 20.4v/89mA per string.

    All parameters follow the datasheet and tool guidance, ADD5211 can delight the LEDs but scream issue happen with Cin, Cout and boost…

  • ADD5211驱动led有是线性调光,无闪烁的吗?


  • RE: What is the best way for 3 LEDs on ADD5211s?

    Please advice us customer will start to design PWB tomorrow by your ADD5211.

    thanks Kaos

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