• Debugging with ADcmXL3021


      I have an ADcmXL3021 connected to the SPI port of an STM32L072 micro.

      I have written code to access the device using the Keil development platform

      I started with a basic test to read the PRODUCT_ID resister and the write and read the USER_SCRATCH register…

  • ADcmXL3021 operation inquiry


    Hi ADI's

    One of my Customer is considering developing a sensor using the ADcmXL3021.

    The development environment is being tested by connecting RBPI and ADcmXL3021 via SPI communication.

    During the test, the following abnormalities appear…

  • Question about ADcmxL3021

    Hi everyone

    I'm working whit ADcmXL3021 and I was wondering if there was a C library to interact with it, since I want to read and write in the register files to make my own application.

    Thank you!


    Dear All:

    I check P/N:ADCMXL_BRKOUTPCBZ the P2 Connector Pin2/Pin4 show UARTTX & UARTRX  but ADcmXL3021 Datasheet show ALRM1 & ALRM2 ,what does this design mean? MCU need to receive messages from these 2 pins? thanls



  • ADcmXL3021: confusing FFT documentation


    The ADcmXL3021 datasheet revision 0 seems to have conflicting information regarding the bit settings in AVG_CNT register.

    In page 23 table 20 (BASIC OPERATION -> SAMPLE RATE), the following valid settings (1 to 128x decimation factor) are listed…

  • ADCMXL3021 Mechanical Mount Design Advice


    I would like to check where I can find the guidelines of designing mechanical mount for ADCMXL3021.

    Is there any documentation that I can refer to? I cannot find those documents from your website.

    Thank you very much and have a blessed day!

  • ADcmXL3021 Breakout Schematic

    Dear All:

    I need demo kit:EVAL-ADCM ,PN:"FX3 EVAL Isensor Breakout" PCB board schematic file to me refer. thanks



  • Consulting questions about ADCMXL3021


    Now I have an ADCMXL3021 module for testing,there are four modes :MTC,AFFT,MFFT,RTS.Would you please give me example code or tell me how to find the example code?

    I want to use this module to capture data or do spectral analysis correctly.


  • ADcmXL3021 spi reading data


    if anyone have the spi read write function test program of ADcmXL3021, with code of spi write and read commands, as now I always reveived 0s, seems like the data I get is wrong, so if you have the programing example of this spi read and write,…

  • Aboout ADCMXL3021 eval setup

    Hi there, 

    I have a question about EVAL-ADCM.

    I got the board but I think the setup manual is very confusing.

    Please look at the picture I took below , the pin 5 connector of cypress board is already stuck up with pin.

    but look at the second pic belwo…