• AdcmXL3021 Acquisition Overflow Behavior

    When using the AdcmXL3021 in MFFT mode, what happens if we perform 11 acquisitions (the datasheet specifies that up to 10 acquisitions can be stored)?  Is the LRA (least recently acquired) dropped?  Or is the last acquisition request ignored?  Or is the…

  • RE: Some questions regarding AdcmXL3021 work in MFFT/AFFT mode


    2.  Regarding the FFT average calculation method, it is described in P33 of AdcmXL3021 data sheet “The FFT averaging sequence is as follows: 4096 samples are measured, FFT on 4096 samples, Accumulate FFT result, repeat until the number of…

  • Connection Problem ADCMXL3021

    Hi, I'm having ADCMXL3021 connection problems. I did the installation of all software and drivers for connection. However, when starting software evaluation analog devices, it fails to establish a connection and emits USB connect and disconnect sounds…

  • ADcmXL3021 Questions

    Hi, my customer has the following questions as shown below:

    1. On data sheet page 23 table 20, there are eight (0-7) options for AVG_CNT settings. Whereas on page 41 table 89, there are only seven (1-7) options. Which one is the right one?;
    2. He would like…
  • ADcmXL3021 SPI

    Hello, now I am using ADcmXL3021 to get the vibration data via SPI, but unfortunately, there is no reference source code. I could not find anywhere. Just we have SPI PROGRAMMING EXAMPLE in the Datasheet. I want to make and control the SPI communication protocol…

  • ADCMXL3021 Window function error

    Hi there,

    My customer evaluates ADCMXL3021 and found that there are some error of window function.

    Because of that error, customer needs to calculate and correct the output data. (Hamming:10 times、Flat Top:5times)

    Does the PCN 20_0212 firmware change…

  • ADcmXL3021 FFT conversion

    In the datasheet are two different formulas for the conversion of the FFT raw values to mg.

    Q1: Is the following formula the right one?:

    Q2: How should zero X_buf values be handled? Are they really converted to a non-zero mg value?

  • Sync multiple ADcmXL3021

    I want to use few ADcmXL3021 located few feet apart. I it possible to synchronize the sampling of all sensors to be able to measure the propagation delay for the vibration wave?

  • Debugging with ADcmXL3021


      I have an ADcmXL3021 connected to the SPI port of an STM32L072 micro.

      I have written code to access the device using the Keil development platform

      I started with a basic test to read the PRODUCT_ID resister and the write and read the USER_SCRATCH register…

  • ADcmXL3021 operation inquiry


    Hi ADI's

    One of my Customer is considering developing a sensor using the ADcmXL3021.

    The development environment is being tested by connecting RBPI and ADcmXL3021 via SPI communication.

    During the test, the following abnormalities appear…