• Adcmxl3021 rts frames crc errors

    I was using adcmxl3021 in rts mode sucessfully and recieving all crc valid frames . But when i plugged in a different sensor on same hardware board it started sending crc invalid frames. The difference between two sensors is only the year register.one…

  • ADcmXL3021 FFT Data is zero


    When I'm doing a FFT Record with the Vibration Evaluation Software (Version 2.1.8.), I only get two non-zero values, usually the first two and the other 2046 samples are zeroes. This is with Manual FFT, AVG_CNT = 0 and FFT_AVG = 1, so with a 220k…

  • ADcmXL3021 does not enter Power-down mode


    I'm trying to put the ADcmXL3021 sensor in powerdown mode (using my own microcontroller, not the evaluation software). According to the data sheet there's two options, either you use REC_CTRL[7] to automatically enter powerdown mode after a record…

  • Question about ADcmXL3021


    I have two questions about the ADcmXL3021 measurement data.

    Please refer to the attachment and take care of this case.




  • Connection Problem ADCMXL3021

    Hi, I'm having ADCMXL3021 connection problems. I did the installation of all software and drivers for connection. However, when starting software evaluation analog devices, it fails to establish a connection and emits USB connect and disconnect sounds…

  • ADCMXL3021 flexible cable question?

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Does the ADCMXL3021 flexible cable have a breakage problem? Are there test data or precautions data.

    Thank you

    Best Regards,

    Eric Lo

  • ADcmXL3021 RTS Mode status field


    I would like to know what the Status field each bit represent when the ADcmXL3021 is set to RTS Mode.
    because I didn't notice any discribtions about this subject in the datasheet.
    PS.My ADcmXL3021 Date Codes is 1937.

  • is ADcmxl3021 a Simultaneous sampling Device ?


    I need to know whether  ADcmXL3921 samples all three axis simultaneously or sequentially . Observed from its characterization in MTC mode, it takes 60ms to record 4K sample of each axis. It implies that the acquisition at full rate of 220KSPS is done…

  • AdcmXL3021 Acquisition Overflow Behavior

    When using the AdcmXL3021 in MFFT mode, what happens if we perform 11 acquisitions (the datasheet specifies that up to 10 acquisitions can be stored)?  Is the LRA (least recently acquired) dropped?  Or is the last acquisition request ignored?  Or is the…