• ADcmXL3021 時間日期修正問題

    請問要如何修正ADcmXL3021的Register的YEAR ,MONTH ,DAYS ?

  • ADcmXL3021 SPI

    Hello, now I am using ADcmXL3021 to get the vibration data via SPI, but unfortunately, there is no reference source code. I could not find anywhere. Just we have SPI PROGRAMMING EXAMPLE in the Datasheet. I want to make and control the SPI communication protocol…

  • Pin mapping between ADcmXL3021 and Cypress FX3 in EVAL-ADCM


    I recently purchased an ADcmXL3021 vibration sensor and an ADCMX_BRKOUT/PCBZ breakout board for evaluation purposes. I was unfortunately unable to purchase the full evaluation kit (EVAL-ADCM) due to non-existent supply and time constraints. I…

  • ADcmXL3021: confusing FFT documentation


    The ADcmXL3021 datasheet revision 0 seems to have conflicting information regarding the bit settings in AVG_CNT register.

    In page 23 table 20 (BASIC OPERATION -> SAMPLE RATE), the following valid settings (1 to 128x decimation factor) are listed…

  • non-OS or Linux example code for ADcmXL3021

    Dear all,

    are there source code example for the ADcmXL3021 available? Linux driver or MCU code? There is a binary only windows software for the dev kit, what helps a little bit. But the source code of this, or Linux or MCU example would be very helpful…

  • RE: ADcmXL3021 Breakout Schematic

    Please check this post. The schematic is uploaded there. 

  • ADcmXL3021 spi reading data


    if anyone have the spi read write function test program of ADcmXL3021, with code of spi write and read commands, as now I always reveived 0s, seems like the data I get is wrong, so if you have the programing example of this spi read and write,…

  • ADcmXL3021: Sensor crashes after alarm edit & measurement


    My ADcmXL3021 sensor (firmware version 2.6) seems to crash after saving alarm registers to flash and triggering a measurement afterwards. The crash happens non-deterministically, sometimes I can go close to 50 iterations of my program loop without…

  • ADcmXL3021_data_acquisition_issue


    Raspberry Pi 2B to get the vibration data in ADcmXL3021 sensor via SPI, in RTS mode.

    ADcmXL3021 datasheet: https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ADcmXL3021.pdf


    When I send the command to the sensor, most…

  • RE: a question about ADIS16227

    Hi Ron123,

    Thank you for considering the ADIS16227.  Have you seen the ADcmXL3021 yet? 


    It offers much stronger performance and an expanded set of functional features that make it much more capable than the ADIS16227.  

    With respect…