• ADCMP608 Question

    I'm using the ADCMP608 device as a part of a threshold detector, along with the ADL5506 RF detector.

    I have a filtered 5V supply connected to the Vcc and SHDN pins, with a comparison voltage of about 0.45V being fed to the Vn pin, with the Vee connected…

  • RE: AD8000 as a comparator

    Hi Rohit, 

    ADI operational amplifiers such as AD8000 are not recommended to be used in open loop configuration. Specifications in op amp datasheet are tested in closed loop configuration. Op amp response is not guaranteed. 

    Some devices you may want to consider…

  • RE: PDF footprint dimension drawings

    I can't find them for AD8692 opamp and ADCMP608 comparator. No special footprints, I just wanted to double-check.

  • ADCMP600, 601, 602, 608 Evalation Board schematic

    I need the schematic of the ADCMP600, 601, 602, 608 Evaluation Board


    please find attached
  • RE: Request on datasheet of EVAL-ADCMP601BKSZ

    Hi Chen,

    I am attaching the schematic of the adcmp601 evaluation board, the operation is straight forward it uses SMA for the input connection and banana plug for the supply.




  • RE: AD790 3.3V Logic Supply ?

    Hi -

    I may be a little late chiming in here, but I agree that a high quality comparator like the AD790 needs to be available with 3.3V logic support.   I checked the AD8468/ADCMP608 data sheets, and they do not support the analog +/-15V range as the 790…

  • 高速比较器overdrive dispertion参数

           做激光雷达方向,选用高速比较器时非常关注overdrive dispersion这项参数,但是不少芯片的datasheet没有提供这项参数,请问有没有大牛能够提供AD8564、AD8611、AD8612、ADCMP608、ADCMP609的该项参数资料,目前我需要支持TTL输出的高速比较器,也就只关注了支持此类输出的芯片,如果还有其他款比较器芯片的资料也请大牛共享一下,尤其是抖动小的高速比较器。

            另外,想问一下overdrive dispersion给出的数值是一倍标准偏差么?不太理解common…

  • RE: AD790, temperature considerations



    The problem is finding a new part that runs on +/-15V and is in a PDIP;  there aren't any.

    Look at the AD8469, AD8468, ADCMP609 or ADCMP608.  You can get little adaptor boards

    from sparkfun.com and solder SOICs on it and plug it in a…