• ADCMP607 EVAL-BOARD schematic

    Hi Support team

    I need EVAL-ADCMP607 schematic.

    It does not seem to be published on the web.

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  • Propagation Delay variation of ADCMP606/ADCMP607

    Hi , support team

    Regarding  ADCMP606/ADCMP607, what are the maximum and minimum values of  Propagation Delay (tPD)?

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  • SPICE model for ADCMP607

    Hi. I'm currently working on my DDS based generator project and I use ADCMP607 to produce a square impulse from sine wave. So, I need a SPICE model of ADCMP607 to properly simulate the circuit, but it seems to be there is no one. What can be a solution…

  • ADCMP607 ultra librarian bxl file - where is it?

    Where is the Ultralibrarian bxl file for this part?  I don't see it located here:


  • ADCMP607 comparator info


    We are using ADCMP607 comparator one of our design.
    Please provide below info for my design.

    1> Can we connect same power supply voltage to both VCCI and VCCO or connect the different voltages?
    what is non operating range in electric characristics…

  • RE: Power-on behavior of ADCMP553


    The ADCMP605 (1.25 ns PD) and ADCMP607 (1.6 ns) both have shutdown pins (unlike the ADCMP553) and the wake-up time is only a few nanoseconds more than the latch-to-output time, so I suspect you're correct about the relation between power-on time…

  • Input offset tempcos for ADCMP600 series comparators?

    Hi all,

    I'm working on a new design that currently uses an ADCMP607 to convert user-input sine waves to square waves for timing input.  There are lots of signal-conditioning front-end bits ahead of the comparator, ending with the ADCMP607.  Despite…

  • RE: About connection of HMC 856

    Can you explain what type of signal will you pass through HMC856 to ADCMP607? Is it a broadband signal or is it a single tone pure sine wave?

  • RE: ADCMP605 EVM user guide

    Hi Wangfan226,

    Please refer to the attached file for the schematic of ADCMP605.


    All the Refdes on the evaluation board can be found in the schematic.

    Should there be question on your part regarding the evaluation board, please don…