• Propagation Delay variation of ADCMP606/ADCMP607

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    Regarding  ADCMP606/ADCMP607, what are the maximum and minimum values of  Propagation Delay (tPD)?

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  • 关于比较器ADCMP606的CML输出的问题


  • RE: ADCMP580 CML Output interfacing to +2.5V

    Thank you, I think ADCMP606 is not quite fast enough for me.

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  • RE: ADCMP572 Vcco =2.5?


    Figure 23 does not show that VCCO can be connected to 2.5V, the total VCCO range in that figure is 3.3V-(-1V)=4.3V. 

    VCCO can be supplied with 2.5V on the positive but GND should be at least -0.6V to be in the specified range of 3.1V to 5.2V for VCCO…

  • RE: Amplify and level shift output from voltage comparator

    Hi Stetson,

    A possible solution to your problem is to use a comparator that can output 0V for a logic 0 and 5V for a logic 1, so that there would be no need for level shifting. I will recommend the ADCMP600/ADCMP601/ADCMP602 part as an alternative to…

  • RE: Comparator to driver 50ohm load

    Hi Anand M,

    Again, my apologies for the delayed response. ADCMP600 is designed to drive CMO/TTL loads, i.e. high impedance load. Something like the ADCMP606 would be more suitable as it is designed to drive 50-ohm loads that are terminated to VCCO, i…

  • RE: Random jitter specification for ADCMP600 comparator

    Hi Josh-

    Sorry for the delay in response to this.  I checked with one of the apps engineers for this product and he provided the following information:

    The 600 series offers three different speeds. The ADCMP600/1/2/3 are the slowest with 3ns propagation…

  • ADL5530 output capability


    I'm just dipping my toes into an HF design and could do with some gain, the ADL5530 got my eye,

    A quick calc (please check, I'm slightly out of my comfort zone):

    • The ADL5530 is specified to have a 1dB compression point of 21.7dBm = 148mW…
  • Is ADP2291 working as expected in the datasheet or its examples are fail?

    Hello Everyone,

    Im working on a battery charger circuit. I set completely the figure-22 and the figure-23 in the datasheet. So more than hundred try and later than weeks. The circuits are not working as expected. This part is important "The circuits are…