• ADCMP604 Example Schematic

    I am interested in using the ADCMP604 and was wondering if there is a example schematic available. I am trying to use the ADCMP604 to detect a high speed 5V TTL signal and convert it into an LVDS signal.

  • RE: ADCMP605

    相关电路可以参考 ADCMP604的评估板电路

    EVAL-ADCMP604 评估套件 | 亚德诺半导体

  • adcmp604的上升沿和下降沿时间怎么做到短


  • RE: Random jitter specification for ADCMP600 comparator

    Hi Josh-

    Sorry for the delay in response to this.  I checked with one of the apps engineers for this product and he provided the following information:

    The 600 series offers three different speeds. The ADCMP600/1/2/3 are the slowest with 3ns propagation…

  • RE: Use ADF4158 with frequency below 0.5 GHz

    Hi Dawid,

    Tank you so much for your answer.

    I was thinking about in the same direction.
    Perhaps it is more convenient to use LVDS comparator?
    For example ADCMP604/ADCMP605.


  • RE: ADCMP604比较器的参考电压问题


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    I need to design a 40 MHz reference clock receiver (from a 100 Ohm differential cable which is driven by LVPECL or LVDS). It will need a dual output (CMOS is fine) so in particular the LTC6957-3 is nice candidate part. I have 3.3 V supply available…