• ADCMP600 used for 10 MHZ Sine to Square Wave Conversion


    Figure 22 in the ADCMP600 data sheet shows a "Self-Biased 50% Slicer" circuit.   Is this circuit suitable for converting a 10 MHZ Sine

    to Square Wave.

    Input Signal can range from 0 dBm (0.6V pk-pk) to 15 dBm (3.5 V pk-pk)...Input signal…

  • Excessive offset voltage

    I'm seeing signs that the ADCMP600 comparator in my circuit has an offset voltage 1) far in excess of the +/-5mV spec in the datasheet, and 2) seems to be increasing with time. 

    I will post a full circuit schematic later today but here are some of…

  • Closing the Feedback Loop Around Power Stage

    Hello, I have been simulating and have built prototypes of the circuit described in TI App Note SLAU508: https://www.ti.com/lit/ug/slau508/slau508.pdf. I implemented this app note using LTC6268 and ADCMP600. 

    The circuit works well and is used to drive…

  • Strange PWM Generator Circuit Output

    I have the attached circuit prototyped using ADCMP600 and LTC6268:


    V_R14 (output of error amp):

    The problem is the PWM output has some strange non-monotonicity points both in rising edge and falling edge:

    Can anyone explain why these "jagged…

  • RE: Converting Sine wave (Input = bipolar +/- 2.5 Vpp @ 10MHz) to Square wave (Output= unipolar 0 to +5V)

    Hi William,

    ADCMP600 might not suit your requirement in terms of the input voltage you require which is +/-2.5Vpp, because it can only operate with +2.5 to +5.5V positive supply and GND supply. With that, the input range allowed is minimum of -0.5V.

  • RMS Current Control Based on LTC1968

    Dear Team,


    I want to make current control via MOSFET based on LTC1968. The load will be full wave rectified sinusoidal ( not filtered ) and frequency will be max 400hz.

    My design is in the attachement.

    1. I have used U1-LTC1968 and U2-LT1782 for RMS to…
  • RE: Difficulties Finding a Comparator That Suits The Application


    I configured the parametric selection table of ADI comparators based on your requirements. Kindly check this link

    and select among the parts from the configured table which will best suit your application.

    On your second point, usually comparators…

  • RE: Request on datasheet of EVAL-ADCMP601BKSZ

    Hi Chen,

    I am attaching the schematic of the adcmp601 evaluation board, the operation is straight forward it uses SMA for the input connection and banana plug for the supply.