• RE: ADCMP600 SPICE Model


    We'll take this offline and send you the beta model (unreleased). 

  • ADCMP600


  • ADCMP600  PIN


  • ADCMP600 Eval Board


    I am having trouble seeing the expected signals from my ADCMP600 Eval Board. When connected to 50ohm terminated scope, the output voltage is less than 1/2 of what I expect. If connected to a 1M termination, I can see more of the output swing however…

  • Theta j-c of ADL5513, ADCMP600


    I would like to enquire the junction-case thermal resistance (theta j-c) of the following components:

    ADL5513 16-Lead [LFCSP_VQ], CP-16-3 Packaging

    ADCMP600 SOT-23 5 Lead Packaging

  • Random jitter specification for ADCMP600 comparator

    I am considering using the ADCMP600 high speed comparator to detect pulses from a photo diode. The output will be fed to a time to digital converter (TDC) chip and will be part of a laser ranging system.  To maximise the timing precision of the system…

  • ADCMP600, 601, 602, 608 Evalation Board schematic

    I need the schematic of the ADCMP600, 601, 602, 608 Evaluation Board


    please find attached
  • 比较器adcmp600过流问题


  • Input offset tempcos for ADCMP600 series comparators?

    Hi all,

    I'm working on a new design that currently uses an ADCMP607 to convert user-input sine waves to square waves for timing input.  There are lots of signal-conditioning front-end bits ahead of the comparator, ending with the ADCMP607.  Despite…

  • ADCMP600 used for 10 MHZ Sine to Square Wave Conversion


    Figure 22 in the ADCMP600 data sheet shows a "Self-Biased 50% Slicer" circuit.   Is this circuit suitable for converting a 10 MHZ Sine

    to Square Wave.

    Input Signal can range from 0 dBm (0.6V pk-pk) to 15 dBm (3.5 V pk-pk)...Input signal…