• ADCMP582 Vtt


    i am trying to evaluate THE ADCMP582 on ADI evaluation board.

    i am trying to disable the LE feature,  so i connect nLE to the Vtt (green) and LE pin to Vcco with a 750Ohm resistor. i am getting 0.06V diff voltage on the LE pins, so i think it's should…



    I'm designing a PCB with ADCMP582 (PECL output driver).

    VCCI = 5.0 V; VEE = −5.0 V; VCCO = 3.3 V

    The ADCMP582's load is a Crosspoint switch with input buffer according to the attached .gif.

    Will the ADCMP582 "work" together with the crosspoint…

  • ADCMP582


    What minimum slew rate for ADCMP582 input for for good jitter (0.2 ps rms) ?

    What minimum input sinewave amplitude for ADCMP582 for correct work?

    Thank You

  • ADCMP582


    I am looking into the adcmp582 for a high speed triggering circuit.  In reading the datasheet I've run across multiple specs regarding dispersion.  What does this mean?  For example, Slew rate dispersion or pulse width dispersion?  Is this just…

  • ADCMP582 Oscillating

    I've got a design with an ADCMP582, and the output oscillates whenever the differential input voltage gets under about 50mV.  I saw the note in the datasheet about keeping the slew rate above 50V/us, but that can't be what's going on here; if you can…

  • ADCMP582 VCCO voltage

    I am interested in operating the ADCMP582 with VCCO = 2.0V in order to obtain desired output voltage levels for my application. My questions are:

    [Q] Will the device operate normally? I think it will but it is not clear from the datasheet whether voltages…

  • Latch Disable ADCMP582

    Hi, I'm totaly confused over the ADCM582 Latch disable feature.

    I have connected a 1.3V to LEnot and 3.3V via a 750 Ohms resistor to LE.

    I measure 1.9V at the LE pin and 1.8V at LEnot pin, why?

    Is there any easier way to disable the latch function…

  • Input range of ADCMP582


    I have a question about Table-7 of the document for EVAL-ADCMP582.


    In the right side of Table-7 , Vp/Vn range is described as -2.5V to +2.5V.

    But I…

  • ADCMP582 Comparator: Disable Latch Feature.

    In the Rev A data sheet for the ADCMP582, there is a figure that illustrates a method for disabling the latch feature.

    Here's the figure:

    I plan to use this device with Vcco=+3.3V.

    The LE pin is shown connected to Vcco via a 750 Ohm resistor…

  • ADCMP580/ADCMP581/ADCMP582 input nose model

    Can you please provide input noise models for ADCMP580/ADCMP581/ADCMP582?


    We do not have any models for available for the ADCMP580/ADCMP581/ADCMP582.
    However, the datasheet does contain typical jitter numbers which  may help.