• ADCMP581 Power Consumption

    I just wanted to ask the total power consumed by ADCMP581.

    As per data-sheet:

    ADCMP581 (NECL)
    Positive Supply Current: IVCCI: VCCI = 5.0 V, 50 Ω to −2 V: 6 mA
    Negative Supply Current: IVEE: VEE = −5.0 V, 50 Ω to −2 V: −25 mA
    Power Dissipation: PD: 50 Ω to −2 V: 

  • ADCMP581手册参数请教



  • ADCMP580/ADCMP581/ADCMP582 input nose model

    Can you please provide input noise models for ADCMP580/ADCMP581/ADCMP582?


    We do not have any models for available for the ADCMP580/ADCMP581/ADCMP582.
    However, the datasheet does contain typical jitter numbers which  may help.
  • What's your recommend ECL Receiver/Driverfor Voltage Comparators ADCMP581?

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    As for your Voltage Comparators/ADCMP581,I have a question for you.

    I think that ADCMP581 cannot connect the device ECL-input-type, because the output of ECL is RSECl level.
    So if I would like to connect your ADCMP581 to another device…

  • Input voltage of absolute maximum ratings for ADCMP580, ADCMP581 and ADCMP582


    I have a question about ADCMP580/1/2.

    When I see the absolute maximum ratings, Input voltage should be between -3V to 4V.

    I believe this means ADCMP58x aren't broken when users use within the ratings.

    My question is that the AMR of input voltage…

  • RE: What is the random jitter specification of ADCMP566 dual high speed comparator?

    Hi Joshua,

    The ADPCMP566 is an old part and hasn't undergone the same evaluation as ADCMP581.

    We don't have enough test data to provide regarding the random jitter specification. We can however do some evaluation for a typical specification but…

  • RE: Questions for your ATE device ADCMP580

    Hi, Kaos.

    ADCMP580, ADCMP581 and ADCMP582 have the same datasheet which you can find here. The main difference of these three comparators is the output driver wherein ADCMP580 is CML, ADCMP581is NECL and ADCMP582 is PECL.

    But since you need the tr/tf…

  • RE: ADCMP580 Latch Enable/Disable

    HI Fabian,

    The datasheet description is consistent from table 5 and Using/Disabling the latch feature section (page 12).

    On table 5, it states that in order to disable the latch feature the following configuration must be used:

    LEB = Low
    LE   = High


  • RE: ADCMP582 Comparator: Disable Latch Feature.

    Sorry to kick a two year old thread but I'm having ADCMP582 problems myself, so I'm scrounging everything I can find.  @DavidLee is exactly right, nothing about the description of the latch input makes any sense.

    In the descriptive text on page…