• ADCMP580 Hysteresis


    I would like to use ADCMP580.

    So, I have a question.

    #1 What is the maximum hysteresis?

    In the text of Datasheet P.14, the maximum hysteresis is stated as ± 70 mV.

    The following text will be quoted.
    " The maximum range of hysteresis that can be…

  • ADCMP580 Eval

    I have used the Analog evaluation board for ADCMP580 and I'm very happy with  I would like to reproduce such board in a small factor form

    I need to know what is the substrate used in the eval board and the brand of the decoupling capacitor

  • Eval ADCMP580

    I have the Eval board for ADCMP580 comparator chip. I am using it to create a very fast edge for some transmission line modeling evaluations. I am quite cautious so do not turn on the supply until I am sure of what is going on. I have my differential…

  • ADCMP580 Latch Enable/Disable

    Hey Guys

    I'm trying to make sense of the ADCMP580 data sheet regarding the latch function. In the pin description on Page 7, Table 4, it says that the LEB pin needs to be low and LE = high in order to use the ADCMP280 in comparator mode. But on Page 12…

  • ADCMP580 - Pulse spectroscopy


    The datasheet for ADCMP580 mentions its use for pulse spectroscopy - are there any typical circuits available to get some inspiration?

    Thank you,


  • ADCMP580 input capacitance


    One of my customer would like to use ADCMP580 in his new design.

    He want to know the input capacitance for the Vp and Vn terminals.

    The capacitance variation depending on input voltage is also helpful, if available.

    He will use the capacitance…

  • ADCMP580 Peak Current, IBIS model


    I'm currently designing a board with the ADCMP580 comparator. For the PDS design I need to know the maximal peak current. What is the peak current of the ADCMP580 with CML outputs? Is there an IBIS model available for this part?

    Thak you and…

  • ADCMP580 Input S-Parameters


    Can Analog Devices provide a full characterization of Vp and Vn analog input (ADCMP580) in terms of S-Parameters up to 18GHz?

    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards

  • ADCMP580/ADCMP581/ADCMP582 input nose model

    Can you please provide input noise models for ADCMP580/ADCMP581/ADCMP582?


    We do not have any models for available for the ADCMP580/ADCMP581/ADCMP582.
    However, the datasheet does contain typical jitter numbers which  may help.
  • ADCMP580 CML Output interfacing to +2.5V

    Is it possible to connect the ADCMP580 directly to a +2.5V CML 1:2 fan-out driver or I need to add a level shifter in between? I need DC Coupling. One way this could be achieved is by connecting Pin 9 to the +V however I am not sure if internally Pin…