• About the ADCMP572's circuit of comparator with ±1 V input range and 3.3 V CML outputs (Figure3 of ADCMP572's Datasheet).

    Hi, Guys.

    I have a question about figure23 of ADCMP572's datasheet.

    There is a discripsion "GND = -1V" in the figure.

    Could you please advise me the  "GND = -1V" mean?  (If that means is that GND pin (#13and#15) connects -1V, ADCMP572…

  • ADCMP572 input biasing

    We are having trouble getting the ADCMP572 to receive a 400mVppdiff signal running at 2.7Ghz without disturbing the serial link it is attached to (see attached diagram).

    Questions about ADCMP572 input:

    1) What DC bias do inputs want to

    operate in middle…

  • ADCMP572 Hysteresis Graph


    My customers are considering ADCMP 572.

    So I got a request for the graph of ADCMP572 hysteresis range in Figure 20.

    #1   It is a graph of resistance vs hysteresis range, but I want a graph showing the resistance value in logarithm.

           Do you have…

  • About ADCMP572 hysteresis


    My customers are considering using ADCMP 572.

    I got a question about hysteresis of ADCMP 572.

    #1  It is about ± 25 mV, but can you tell me what extent of error is there?

    #2  Is hysteresis about ± 25 mV relative to the amplitude of the differential…

  • ADCMP572 CML levels


    Accubeat, one of customers are using the comperator ADCMP572 with CML differential output.

    The output of the ADCMP572 is connected to the input of the MUX of ON SEMICONDUCTOR - NB6L56 - attached data sheet.

    The input levels of the NB6L56 are…

  • ADCMP572 VTT pin confusion

    We've received 2 ADCMP572 eval boards, but unfortunately the documentation for the part and the eval board seems to be inconsistent.

    As a result, I have a question:  should VTT (pin 8) be tied to GND or pulled high? 

    Per the part datasheet (pg.…

  • ADCMP572 spice model

    Hello all,

    For my project, I am planning to use the ADCMP572 comparator. I want to generate a hysteresis of ~50mV for my incoming signal, which has a BW of ~2.5GHz. So, I was looking for the LTSpice model of the device but couldn't find any. How can I…

  • ADCMP572 working current unstable  issue

    Dear Specialists,

           Now we are usinig ADCMP572 in laser finding project. During the test, the working current  increase. 

    Can you kindly help to advice how to solve it?

    Below is the sequence,

    (Vcc 3.3v, working current  150mA, signal pulse 10Mhz, voltage…

  • ADCMP572/ADCMP573 VCC voltage.


    I am DFAE from Phoenix technologies in Israel.

    Is the ADCMP572/ADCMP573 may be operated from VCC= 2.5V



  • ADCMP572 LE logic levels


    The question refers to the ADCMP572 and the connection to the Latch Enable inputs.

    The specification states that the LE and ~LE need to be differential with a min of 0.2V, nominal 0.4V and max of 0.5V


    The specification has a picture of the…