• RE: ADF4110 Channel Spacing

    Hello ,

    I will send you on a reference circuit using the ADCMP553 later today/tomorrow....looking at the circuit, the o/p stage will be similar to the ADCLK905 reference circuit that I sent you ( using a single 3.3Volts supply voltage). The input will…

  • RE: Using ADCMP553 for signal recovery

    Moving this question on ADCMP553 to the Amplifier Community.

  • ADCMP553 输入端必须端接50欧电阻吗?

    ADCMP553 输入端必须端接50欧电阻吗?针对高速比较器,类似572的手册上必须。

  • RE: RE: Help with ADCMP553

    Hi Vamsee_27,

    You should set a reference voltage at the inverting input. this voltage should be in the area of your input swing, if you what a 50% duty cycle you can set the reference voltage to 750mV, please be reminded though that input offset voltage…

  • LT Spice Model for ADCMP553 Conmparator

    Hi All

    I am looking for LTspice model file for ADCMP553 comparator. Does any one have it.



  • RE: Use ADF4158 with frequency below 0.5 GHz

    Hi Vlad,

    ADCMP604/ADCMP605 should also be fine. However, they are a bit slower (rise/fall time, propagation delay)  and have narrower input bandwidth compared to the ADCMP553. What's more, the CFTL(Circuit from the lab) will contain the ADF4153 and ADCMP553…

  • ADCMP553中VCCO-2.0V的问题



  • Bond wire type used in ADCMP553BRM

    I would like to ask for bond wire type used in ADCMP553BRM.


    The bond type is 1.0mil Gold Wire.
  • Use ADF4360-9 to track an incoming carrier signal around 150MHz

    I am trying to track an incoming carrier signal around 150MHz for an indoor application. The carrier frequency is one of 50 random channels with a frequency hopping pattern. Most of reference designs with PFD and PLL are for clock generations with a preset…

  • RE: Limitations of LT1721

    In the first page of LT1721 show clear that delay is 4.5ns. So, it is not suitable for your application.

    If you only want to test the wave form (because you don't mention to rise/fall time & duty), you can you ADI higher speed comparator to generate…