• Using ADCMP553 for signal recovery

    Hi all,

    I am trying to recover a signal from a photodiode (1 to 100Mhz)

    Because the signal is very noisy, voltage range vary and my amplifier output is differential, I decided to use ADCMP553 comparator.

    My problem is that comparator outputs just follow…

  • RE: Help with ADCMP553


    I am working on project where i am using a sine wave oscillator which gives output frequency of 200 to 250 MHz with Vp-p voltage of 500mV to 1000mV. I need to convert this sine wave to squarewave. So i chose to use ADCMP553 comparator.

    I connected…

  • Driving ADCMP553 with 3.3V CMOS.

    I'm trying to find a robust way to feed the input of a ADCMP553 from a microcontroller.  All systems use Vcc=3.3V.

    The MCU generates a 3.3V pk-pk square-wave.  Frequency is fairly low--about 1KHz.

    I need to attenuate the signal so that it does not exceed…

  • ADCMP553中VCCO-2.0V的问题



  • LT Spice Model for ADCMP553 Conmparator

    Hi All

    I am looking for LTspice model file for ADCMP553 comparator. Does any one have it.



  • ADCMP553 输入端必须端接50欧电阻吗?

    ADCMP553 输入端必须端接50欧电阻吗?针对高速比较器,类似572的手册上必须。

  • RE: ADF4110 Channel Spacing

    Hello ,

    I will send you on a reference circuit using the ADCMP553 later today/tomorrow....looking at the circuit, the o/p stage will be similar to the ADCLK905 reference circuit that I sent you ( using a single 3.3Volts supply voltage). The input will…

  • RE: Use ADF4158 with frequency below 0.5 GHz

    Hi Vlad,

    ADCMP604/ADCMP605 should also be fine. However, they are a bit slower (rise/fall time, propagation delay)  and have narrower input bandwidth compared to the ADCMP553. What's more, the CFTL(Circuit from the lab) will contain the ADF4153 and ADCMP553…

  • RE: ADCMP533

    Thanks.  I could work,  but the ADCMP553 has a limit of 1.3V on +IN or -IN (Vcc-2V).  So I'll need to experiment.

  • RE: 微弱信号放大的芯片型号

    再请教一个问题 , 有不有ADCMP553相关的 评估板电路图呢, 我之前看PDF上的 典型应用电路 , 做出效果不好,不知道怎样去设置参数