• ADCMP552: Hysteresis spread

    1. Question:
    How much das the hysteresis spread from chip to chip when using a resistor to
    programm the "Ihys"?
    2. Question:
    Is the hysteresis dependent on the input voltage of the comparator?


    The amount of hysteresis…
  • Can ADCMP552 adjust output level gap?

    Dear Sir:

    We use ADCMP552 to do signal level judgment, result as follows:

    At supply voltage = 3.3V, output high level =2.4V ; low level = 1.6V

    At supply voltage = 5.0V, output high level =3.9V ; low level = 2.9V

    But we want the gap of ADCMP552 output…

  • With regards Differential positive supply for  ADCMP552/1


    Just for a confirmation on differential Positive supply of ADCMP552/1, which states Vcco-Vcci min is -0.2V is this correct .

    Which means that Output should be greater than input and should meet the min -0.2V . Is this right .

    As i see for other…

  • Can the ADCMP552 operate with a hysteresis pin connected to GND?

    Dear sir

    Could you tell me about an ADCMP552 without hysteresis operation?

    Can the ADCMP552 operate with a hysteresis pin connected to GND through 100k Ohm?

    It's my mistake that the hys pin is connected to GND instead of Vcci.

  • ADCMP533

    Is there a way I can add some hysteresis to a ADCMP553 using external resistors like with a standard comparator?  I would prefer this to a ADCMP552.

  • RE: Limitations of LT1721

    In the first page of LT1721 show clear that delay is 4.5ns. So, it is not suitable for your application.

    If you only want to test the wave form (because you don't mention to rise/fall time & duty), you can you ADI higher speed comparator to generate…