• Inquiry regarding input bias current of ADCMP371 at Ta=25C

    Hello, all

    Now our customer is trying to replace from HA1631S01 to ADCMP371. 

    Then, we have one inquiry regarding input bias current of ADCMP371 at Ta=25C.

    Since, the datasheet just describes maximum input bias current at Ta=-40C to +85C, we would appreciate…

  • ADCMP370... alternatives


    We need to use the ADCMP370 to replace a ADCMP371. Unfortunately, there are none in stock anywhere.

    The ability of have an open drain that can be pulled up to 15V is of primary importance (most replacements I see are only ~5V tolerant on the output…

  • RE: Is there a push pull version of the ADCMP380?

    Hi, Ipmay-a.

    There is no push-pull version of the ADCMP380 and no exact replacement option as well. But you may want to check these push-pull comparators also by Analog Devices: ADCMP356, ADCMP371, ADCMP380.

    ADCMP356 has 0.6V on-chip reference and…

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