• ADCMP370... alternatives


    We need to use the ADCMP370 to replace a ADCMP371. Unfortunately, there are none in stock anywhere.

    The ability of have an open drain that can be pulled up to 15V is of primary importance (most replacements I see are only ~5V tolerant on the output…

  • RE: ADCMP370 Leakage problem

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  • RE: VFB as a voltage reference

    harry -

    Filters are centered around 100Hz - an audio application. For comparators, I've been looking at the ADCMP370, as it's got a very low Iq. (no bad pun here) For opamps, your suggestion of duals vs quads makes a lot of sense, in terms of space efficiency…

  • RE: Battery Management, LED Driver ICs

    Hi Rob,

    For the blinking oscillator, I think you could do a couple of things:

         1.  Simple 555 timer.  There's lots of choice and info on the web for doing this.

         2.  A simple RC oscillator constructed from an op amp (ADCMP370 would be a good choice…

  • Is ADP2291 working as expected in the datasheet or its examples are fail?

    Hello Everyone,

    Im working on a battery charger circuit. I set completely the figure-22 and the figure-23 in the datasheet. So more than hundred try and later than weeks. The circuits are not working as expected. This part is important "The circuits are…

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