• ADCMP361 Quiescent Supply Current


    Is supply current unit typo on Figure.12 of datasheet RevB P7 ?

    It might be micro ampere?

    Could you tell me min value of Quiescent Supply Current?

    It's ok which does not guaranteed value.

    Best Regards


  • Very low supply current & Low offset AMP

    Hi !

    Our customer want to detect Over Current at their system.

    Their system is 12V Li-ION BATTERY for automotive.

    This is the circuit.

    There are some difficult points.


    Their target supply current is less than 100uA.


    The AMP gain will be…

  • (AD8206/AD8211)Why did you change the datasheet?

    Hi !

    I have some questions about ADI datasheet.

    Our team are checking the datasheet because if the datasheet was changed we have to explain the changes.

    And today , we found many datasheet was changed.

    For just one example , AD8206 datasheet was changed…