• RE: Is there a push pull version of the ADCMP380?

    Hi, Ipmay-a.

    There is no push-pull version of the ADCMP380 and no exact replacement option as well. But you may want to check these push-pull comparators also by Analog Devices: ADCMP356, ADCMP371, ADCMP380.

    ADCMP356 has 0.6V on-chip reference and…

  • RE: voltage indicator

    It looks like you need a couple of comparators. You will have to set them up to control one or the other LED and or turn on a power supply for the LEDs. Let me know if you have specific questions about the parts.

    The ADMP356 may be useful


  • RE: Li-ion Battery monitor

    Hi Chaitanya,

    i think i understand the problem better now.

    I presume the idea behind disable the buck-boost is to aviod battery discharge?

    Can the PFO triggers your uC into low power mode? if so, combine with the LTC3113's burst mode, the total power…

  • ADI芯片辨识、型号查找


  • RE: Multiple Output SEPIC Converter

    Hi Pete,

    You wrote:  "That was my first attempt which led me to the forum. Unfortunetly that  tool specs that the lower voltage is limited to 90% of the highest."

    If that is indeed the case then you are using the wrong tool.  You are probably…