• ADCMP354 Output table without Power to IC

    Can you confirm that the ADCMP354 comparator cannot sink current if the power to the device fails?  I assume since these are open drain the answer is yes but I want to confirm with you. Do you have a LTSpice simulation model I can use? This is for a safety…

  • ADCMP354 truth table

    Hello All,

    This is a elementary question but confusing one.

    According to Figure 21(I attached below) in the ADCMP354 datasheet(Rev B), I think at fist comparator connect to n-FET and its drain connect to the output-pin, then if the output of comparator…


    HI Kevin,

    The input monitoring on the ADM1293 is achieved by ADC rather than comparator.

    An internal ADC is monitoring current and up to two voltages in a round-robin fashion. The reaction time is limited by ADC conversion rate and the internal averaging…

  • RE: Li-ion Battery monitor

    Hi Chaitanya,

    i think i understand the problem better now.

    I presume the idea behind disable the buck-boost is to aviod battery discharge?

    Can the PFO triggers your uC into low power mode? if so, combine with the LTC3113's burst mode, the total power…

  • Is ADP2291 working as expected in the datasheet or its examples are fail?

    Hello Everyone,

    Im working on a battery charger circuit. I set completely the figure-22 and the figure-23 in the datasheet. So more than hundred try and later than weeks. The circuits are not working as expected. This part is important "The circuits are…

  • ADI芯片辨识、型号查找