• ADCMP350 Power and Current Ratings

    We use an ADCMP350 comparator in a circuit and would like to provide extra protection to prevent damage in the case of overvoltage at the supply. We have a series resistor to limit current available to VCC, and a zener diode (Vz = 5.5V) to limit the voltage…

  • ADCMP350 Vcc=0 V+>0

    I have to supply rails: an adapter AC/DC and one USB. They are ORed together through diodes. I want to support 5V adapters (if it is connected the USB power is turned off) so if the voltage is greater than 4.5V on the adapter side I disable the USB power…

  • ADCMP354 truth table

    Hello All,

    This is a elementary question but confusing one.

    According to Figure 21(I attached below) in the ADCMP354 datasheet(Rev B), I think at fist comparator connect to n-FET and its drain connect to the output-pin, then if the output of comparator…

  • RE: 3W Emergency Light


    you may be able to use a comparator powered by the battery such as the ADCMP350


    you need to rectify the AC with a diode and capacitor and compare that…

  • ADI芯片辨识、型号查找