• ADCMP343: Output response

    My query is with how the device reacts on power up.

    When the power to the device is ramping up below 1.7V, how does the output

    I have used the ADCMP341 (non-inverting output) and the output tracks the power
    rail and then…
  • ADCMP341 datasheet power supply current error

    The datasheet for  ADCMP341/ADCMP343 on page 6 has specification :
    Supply Current Vs. Supply Voltage:  Y axis Supply Current is 'mA.'  - is  this
    milliAmp or Microamps ?


    Figure 8, Y axis should have the unit of uA. This is a typo…
  • RE: 3W Emergency Light


    you may be able to use a comparator powered by the battery such as the ADCMP350


    you need to rectify the AC with a diode and capacitor and compare that…

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