• ADCLK948 output clock issue


          we are using ADCLK948 to distribute 50/60 Mhz clock to three AD9650 ADC's synchronously.When checked Signal Integrity using IBIS models, the output swing of ADCLK948 is nearly 1Volt, where 0.8V is the permissible value.I am attaching the files required…

  • ADCLK948 power consumption Vs frequency


    Is there any data regarding power consumption Vs frequency?

  • ADCLK948 power supply


    I want to use ADCLK948 for LVPECL operation and bias VCC to the positive supply and VEE to ground. What is my total power supply current, (IVEE+IVCC) or only IVCC in datasheet table 4?

      There are 6 Vcc pins in ACLK948. Are they connected together…

  • RE: AD9695 sysref DC coulped LVPECL termination from ADCLK948

    Hi Barak,

    I responded to your question through email.


  • Skew definition of ADCLK948


    My name is Meir and I am DFAE at Phoenix technologies.

    Accubeat, one of my castomers is interested in ADCLK948 for high resolution counter application.

    Clock frequency: 10MHz, rise time and a fall time is 10nsec.

    For the P/N: ADCLK948, after…

  • ADCLK948 power consumption question

    Hi there

    how can we estimate ADCLK948 power consumption? VCC=3.3V, VEE=GND, all outputs used.

    Datasheet TAble 4 gives both VEE and VCC current. I think as our VEE=0, We may only use VCC, that is : 330mA*3.3V = 1.089W. Is this correct?

    Should we Add load…

  • Query about ADCLK948's output

    Hi, there

    I have one question about ADCLK948's output. I read the datasheet that ADCLK948 can input CML signal. I want to know whether ADCLK948 can output CML signal?

    Thanks in advance for your kindly help!



  • ADCLK948 Phase noise plot for 50 - 200Mhz

    We are using ADCLK948 to buffer a 50MHz clock to 3 number of ADC chips AD9650BCPZ

    Our customer is observing instatbility in perfroamance of ADC for longer duration of sampling.

    We are suspecting the ADC clocking scheme for this issue. Since ADCLK948 is used…

  • AD9528 and ADCLK948 LVDS interface conflict ?

    Hi there, 

    We use AD9825 to drive ADCLK948, LVDS AC coupled. Two questions.

    1.For the AC capacitor and 100ohm's relative location, two IC seems have conflicted(opposite) requirements. as pcitures below. AD9528 shows 100ohm between driver and caps,…

  • ADCLK948 unused input/output pin question

    Hi there, 

    some questions about ADCLK948. Input is 200MHZ LVDS, 7 LVPECL outputss.

    1. We use LVDS input AC coupled to ADCL948 on CLK0 diffrential inputs according to figure21 in datasheet. How should we deal with UNUSED inputs(CLK1, VREF1, VT1) and UNUSED…