• Input of ADCLK925

    Hi i am trying to use

    Part for  buffering the 27MHz clock source. Input of adclk925 is CMOS coming from TCXO. I have followed schematic as per data sheet. But i am not getting any output. Why it is happening?



  • ADCLK925 Max. V_IH

    On the ADCLK925, with Vcc = 3.3V and a single-ended clock input, is the worst-case required threshold for a logic high really all the way to the 3.3V rail?

  • ADCLK925 sine wave input


    Can I connect to input of ADCLK925  sine wave signal with level +22 dBm and frequency 800 MHz?



    I need to know, when VEE is connected to GND, If ADCLK925's both NC and thermal pad are conneted to GND (VEE), how electrical performance is effected?

    Those pins must be left open?

    I cound not understant how thermal performance will be improved…

  • ADCLK925 unused output pins

    Hi all,

    Our customer use the output Q1,/Q1 one pair only @ ADCLK925. 

    The unused output Q2,/Q2 is recommend open or termination ?

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  • ADCLK925 Radiation Transients

    Is there any information on radiation-induced clock transients for the ADCLK925 clock buffer?  I've seen three radiation reports, none of which have any information on transients.



    Documentation on ADCLK925 have a table which indicates Negative Supply Current and Positive Supply Current.

    In the calculation power comcumption of buffer should I use to summarize these values?

  • Inquiry for ADCLK925 circuit

    Dear sir

       I have encountered some serious problems in my design with ADCLK925. My design followed the evaluation board of ISLA224P25. But when the board is running, ENOB is only 8bit more of less, and then I found that the clock is very bad as figure…

  • ADCLK925 difference -WP-R2?


    I want to rebuild the AD9914 eval board. On the scematics and bills of material the ADCLK925BCPZ-WP is listed.

    At my local distributor I can only buy the -R2 version of ADCLK925.

    Now my question is:

    What is the difference? and can i also use…

  • Help with misbehaving ADCLK925

    I'm troubleshooting an existing design and wonder if the design is flawed. One ADCLK925 is feeding a second one. The first 925 misbehaves -- there is mostly no activity on the non-inverted outputs but the inverted outputs look more or less okay. This…