• ADCLK914 Equivalent Circuit


    I am working on a design using the ADCLK914. There is a section in the datasheet that shows what I think is a simplified equivalent circuit:

    I am doing some modelling using LTSpice to investigate some issues I am seeing with my implementation…

  • ADCLK914 output impedance

    In the datasheet, the 'Output Resistance' is listed as 250 ohm.  Please clarify, is this differential impedance?


  • AD9789 Can I use ADCLK925? Instead of ADCLK914


    I will design two AD9789, so I need two clock source. Clock is 2.4GHz.

    But ADCLK914 output is one port. 

    I found ADCLK925. ADCLK925 have one port input and two port output.

    Can I use ADCLK925? 

    Block Diagram

    Thank you

  • Clocking the AD9789: ADF4150 + ADCLK914 or ADF4150 alone?


    A couple of years ago we designed a PCB prototype using the DAC AD9789 clocked by a 2340 MHz VCO from RFMD squared up by the ADCLK914. The VCO was locked to an external 10 MHz reference using the PLL ADF4153. The designed met the specs by far…

  • ADCLK914输出功率过小,求指导!急!急!急!








  • 关于ADCLK905、ADCLK914无法正常工作的问题







  • AD9739A Clocking

    I made PLL Module using ADF4350 and DAC Module using ADCLK914 and AD9739A.

    Because PLL Module and DAC Module is so far way, I use ADCLK914 for clock restoration.

    DAC Module is work. It is good.

    Now, I will revision DAC Module to include ADF4350.

  • Driving the clock of AD9739 DAC

    I'm using the AD9739 DAC device and according to its datasheet, the best way to
    drive its clock is by using the ADCLK914 (HVDS) driver. Can I use the ADF4350
    to drive the ADCLK914? What is the best way to interface between the RF output…
  • Clock problem with ADCLK925 and AD9695/AD9739


    I am using AD9695 and AD9739 with an ultrascale FPGA, on custom board.

    We have no problem with the design, until we load a high consumption bitsream into the FPGA.

    When the a full FPGA is loaded, the input clock (1280MHz) is no longer detected by…

  • RE: Clock Level AD9789

    Hi danf,

    thank you very much for your feedback.

    Do you think, it is possible to replace the ADCLK914 with the ADCLK944,

    since the ADCLK914 isn't even listed anymore under the clock

    distribution devices?