• RE: clocking the ad9523-1 with a 100MHz sinewave

    Hi Luca,

    In this case, I would recommend AC coupling from the ADCLK905 into the AD9523-1. The output levels for the ADCLK905 are acceptable for the AD9523-1, but depending on the supply situation for the ADCLK905, the common mode may not match up, therefor…

  • RE: AD9914 Reference clock polarity swapping.

    Hi KennyG

    I am using ADCLK905BCPZ as a REFCLK buffer for AD9914 DDS. In my PCB if i put both the ic in top plane the clock signals are crossing each other. So can i connect the CLK of the AD9914 with CLK# of the ADCLK905 and CLK# of the AD9914 with CLK…

  • RE: Jitter specifications of ADN4661

    Hello Tak,

    The engineer responsible for the ADCLK parts has offered this information:

    "The ADCLK905 and the ADCLk914 are the high performance parts, however their performance can degrade as input slew rate decreases.

    See figure 12 in the ADCLK905…

  • RE: 请问LVCOMS时钟直流耦合驱动ADCLK905输入应如何连接?


  • RE: CML to 1.2V single ended interface

    Hello Jordi,

    I'm not sure if your question pertains to the ACLK905 input or output. I'm guessing the output.

    In order to determine if the ADCLK905 will work, you will need to review the VIH/VIL specs for chip being driven by the ADCLK905. It…

  • RE: Question about ADCLK905

    Hello Alberto,

    > I am thinking of using the ADCLK905 as a clock buffer for ADF4106 (using a 10 MHz reference),

    > but I have a few questions:

    > - Is needed any specifical waveform at the ADCLK905 input (sine, square..)?

    Either is ok, but square…

  • RE: ADF4110 Channel Spacing

    Hello ,

    The ADCMP553/ ADCLK905 will not divide the input signal.....why not use the R counter to divide the input reference signal ?



  • Sine wave input ADCLK9xx (ADCLK905)


       I'm looking at using the ADCLK905 to provide a differential PECL clock for the AD9914- wondering if I can give it a sinewave  as per the single-ended example Fig 29 and what minimum amplitude it would require at the input?



  • Question re: ADCLK905 demo board

    The Gerbers for the EVAL-ADCLK905 board show 17-mil traces for the 50-ohm lines going to and from the chip, and the Gerbers call for RO4003C material.  The traces on the actual board, though, are about 8 mils wide.  That makes me think the RO4003C layers…