• Question about ADCLK905


    I am thinking of using the ADCLK905 as a clock buffer for ADF4106 (using a 10 MHz reference), but I have a few questions:

    - Is needed any specifical waveform at the ADCLK905 input (sine, square..)? In page 9 of the datasheet appear some figure…

  • ADCLK905 junction-to-case thermal resistance

    I'm looking for the junction-to-case thermal resistance of ADCLK905. The data sheet only lists the junction to ambient. Thanks!

  • Sine wave input ADCLK9xx (ADCLK905)


       I'm looking at using the ADCLK905 to provide a differential PECL clock for the AD9914- wondering if I can give it a sinewave  as per the single-ended example Fig 29 and what minimum amplitude it would require at the input?



  • Question re: ADCLK905 demo board

    The Gerbers for the EVAL-ADCLK905 board show 17-mil traces for the 50-ohm lines going to and from the chip, and the Gerbers call for RO4003C material.  The traces on the actual board, though, are about 8 mils wide.  That makes me think the RO4003C layers…

  • AC Coupling with Capacitor or Balun for ADCLK905 (~3GHz input)

    I have a clock input (50 ohm single-ended from SMA) that will be in the range of 10MHz to about 3GHz. I'd like to buffer that clock using the ADCLK905 before routing to a PLL IC. 

    My question is: is there an advantage to balun-coupling this input…

  • Low frequency output voltage noise in ADCLK905 / ADCLK907 / ADCLK925 family


    i wonder if the RMS voltage noise of the ADCLK905 family of chips can be calculated from the specifications. More specifically: If i apply a constant input signal, what is the output voltage RMS noise in the frequency range of 0-100MHz (assuming…

  • Cannot get the correct signal waveform on ADCLK905 outputs

    Hello. In a question I sent time ago about ADF4158 and low frequencies, there was an answer with a reference to circuit note CN-0290.

    I have built a test board to check it  (I almost mimic all the circuitry in figure 2 of the circuit note), but the output…

  • 关于ADCLK905、ADCLK914无法正常工作的问题







  • 请问LVCOMS时钟直流耦合驱动ADCLK905输入应如何连接?



  • RE: RefClk input from AD9694-500EBZ

    Have you tried checking if correct power were supplied to ADCLK905? Checking the schematic, there should be 3.3v to the Vcc and to the pull-up resistors at the output of the clock buffer. Also to make sure that correct input is fed to D pin of ADCLK905…