• ADCLK854 input sensitivity


    I would like to check if ADCLK854 can work with 100mV input.

    According to the datasheet, ADCLK854 input sensitivity is 150mV typical, but what is the possible minimum input for the ADCLK854.


  • ADCLK854 lacking output

    Hi, eveyone.

    I'm evaluating ADCLK854 evaluation board.
    I found a lacking output. I don't know it was caused by measurement issue or others.

    Hear is the detail.

    We input "burst clock" to this device.
    It can be seem at "first burst clock…

  • 1.8V LVDS output to ADCLK854

    I'm planning to interface a clock chip with 1.8V LVDS output to ADCLK854. The LVDS output is specified as below:

    It seems it will work in both DC and AC coupling, right?


  • ADCLK854 Clock buffer phase noise


    I want to estimate 40MHz phase noise of ADCLK854 from datasheet fig.12.  I found a similar discussion in engineer zone.


    My first question.

    If input slew rate was not an issue at 40MHz and phase noise is…

  • ADCLK854 Eval board LVDS swing measurement


           Our lab recently purchased ADCLK854 eval board and we are testing the LVDS outputs and observed that the outputs wing does not go to 700mV full swing. The output signals are ac coupled so I guess it doesn't go full swing if SMA cable is connected…

  • ADF4360, ADCLK854, Thermal Resistance Values Needed


    I am interested in the thermal resistances of the following parts. Specifically I am interested in the junction-to-case and junction-to-board thermal resistances. 





    Sadab Bahar

  • Clarify of the ADCLK854 with single-ended input

    In the datasheet, "AC-Coupled input applications", it says:

    The ADCLK854 offers two options for ac coupling. The first option requires no external components (excluding the dc blocking capacitor), it allows the user to simply couple the reference…

  • ADCLK854 250MHz phase noise plot for LVDS output


    Does a 250MHz phase noise plot or table for a LVDS output exist for the ADCLK854?  I see the datasheet includes a table and plot for 1GHz.


  • RE: AC coupling capacitor position relative to termination resistor of ADCLK854 input


     I believe here is important to follow the recommendations of the source generating the ADCLK854 clock input.


  • RE: AD7134 Clock

    We were going to use the adclk854 to clock our ADC. During board power up the ADC854 might drive a clock into the AD7134 before the ad7134 is fully powered on.