• ADBMS1818

    ADBMS1818芯片VREF2缓冲第二基准电压,用于驱动多个10 kΩ热敏电阻,最多能够驱动多少个热敏电阻?

  • How to recognize ADBMS1818 board through software

    1. I would like to know whether my connected board is ADBMS1818 or not, how can I find this through software?

    2. Status register group B has REV register which indicates board revision code, is it useful in recognizing the board?



  • ADBMS1818 vs LTC6813


    I would like to know the difference between the ADBMS1818 vs LTC6813 . what is new with ADBMS family ?

    which is recommended for new designs ?


  • ADBMS1818 GPIO输出控制



  • RE: Is it possible to use ADBMS1818 boards in daisy chain mixed with LTC6813 boards?

    In general, this is not possible between different cell monitor devices as the data they send back and receive will be different formats and use unrecognized command codes. However, ADBMS1818 and LTC6813 are a special case where the command codes are the same. A mixed daisy chain with these is possible, but I caution against doing so as the qualification standards and TME specifications for the parts are different.
  • adbms1818+ltc6820

    adbms1818+ltc6820 There are code routines for STM or chipon processor microcontrollers.

  • About the Webcast

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  • RE: Paralleling DCDC converters request

    Hi EngrJunkie,

    That seems an interesting project! However, you should be cautious with paralleling cells. Because you might be wasting a lot of capacity in paralleling cells. Each cell would eventually reach its terminal voltage but the charge in it would…