• ADAV803 problems


    I have some problems with ADAV803.

    PLL falls apart after each MCU reset almost right away (even after the initialization of the IC with 30sec delay if the jamming started by then).


    I folowed the AN-910, by setting the VCO test register (0x7F…

  • ADAV803 technical questions


    I have some technical questions regarding ADAV803.

    According to the application note AN-910 it should be used since a problem could occur when the S/PDIF connector is disconnected and reconnected several times successively. The problem can also…

  • ADAV803 SRC clock question

    Table 2 on page 4 of the ADAV803 datasheet lists SRS MCLK Min = 138 x Fsmax but the text on page 21 states "The SRC master clock is expected to be equal to 256 times the output sample rate."   These appear to be conflicting statements..  Please…

  • ADAV803 Question Please help me!

    Hi all, I am new to the world of codecs such as ADAV803 and I have this project where I have to create a sine wave from a microcontroller and send the blocks of data in SPDIF format. So I am going to use the DIT pin so that i will then use a TOSlink transmitter…

  • ADAV803 Internal Registers Problems

    Hi all,

    I am currently programming the ADAV803 using the I2C serial interface protocol so that to program the internal control registers.

    I found a problem that in a range of certain registers, from (0x60 to 0x60), When I send a byte of data so that…

  • Disabling CPLD on EVAL-ADAV803/EVAL-ADAV801

    I have an EVAL-ADAV803 board which I am trying to connect to a Atmel AT91SAM development board, with Linux, via I2C and I2S. I have the kernel module loaded on the AT91 and I would like to prevent the CPLD from connecting to the ADAV803. How can I do…

  • What is the "rate register" on the ADAV803 and how do you use it?

    I'm having trouble getting the SRC to work properly in the ADAV803.  What is the "rate register" and how do you use it?

  • Does ADAV803 have the capability to decode multichannel S/PDIF and output TDM8 serial data?


    I am using ADAU1761, and I want to input audio from S/PDIF. I saw CN-0219, and I'm using it as a reference, but I can not find any information regarding support for multichannel audio. I want to know if ADAV803 can decode multichannel or surround…

  • ADAV80x digital output with transformer


    For a new design I'm planning to use the ADAV803. I also need the DIR and DIT functionality, but using AES3 compatible in and outputs.

    Is the ADAV80x capable of directly driving the required transformer? Or should I buffer the signal using a…

  • RE: S/PDIF + analog audio to I2S

    Hi alon.bender,

    The ADAV801/803 are your best bet for this application. No other parts offer both stereo ADCs and S/PDIF. ADAV801 is SPI controlled and the ADAV803 is I2C control.