• ADAV4601

    Can the ADV4601 be used, to converter an analog auidio signal to either the S/PDIF or the SDO0 output?

  • ADAV4601 Registers

    I designed a board with the ADAV4601 on it feeding analog audio into  and out of the chip. I am using a USBi eval board to communicate with  the ADAV4601 via SigmaStudio.  When I drop the ADAV46xx block onto the hardware configuration tab I don't get a Register…

  • About ADAV4601


    Is the ADAV available to general users or is it restricted to volume users?

    Since the ADAV400 is no longer available, this, unfortunately, becomes the only choice with in-built ADC and DAC.

    It has the PWM outputs that enables connection the…

  • Using WM8805 with ADAV4601



    WM8805 is an SPDIF transceiver from Wolfson.

    I want to use it in hardware (HW) mode with ADAV4601.

    In HW mode, the datasheet of WM8805 mandates use of an external crystal/ clock of 12MHz only.

    The frequency on CLKOUT pin of WM8805 is 12MHz…

  • Sampling frequency of ADAV4601


    I am near completing my board using WM8805 (in HW mode) and AD1895 interfaced to BCLK1, LRCCLK1, SDO0 and SDI0 of the ADAV4601.

    The system documents mentions the following:

    1. The ADAV4601 internally operates at multiples of a sampling frequency…

  • Avoiding SRC with ADAV4601


    Provided that there are no downsides to using the ADAV4601 at 192KHz:

    I would like to use the WM8805 in HW mode with its digital audio interface port configured as master. In the HW mode the WM8805 supports all the SPDIF sample rates

    Since the…

  • Queries related to ADAV4601

    I am working on a custom ADAV4601 board and USBi.

    I am powering up the IC using I2C script window.

    I am able to successfully power-up the IC and load a custom flow.

    1. Is there a Delay command that I can insert between the two 34 AAAA DDDD WRITEs?

  • Need help debugging proto board based on ADAV4601


    I am having difficulty getting any sound from my ADAV4601 based proto board.

    Here is how it is put together:

    The crystal is 12.288MHz, not the default 24.576MHz

    There is WM8805 as SPDIF receiver as HW MASTER.

    The ADAV4601 receives digital…

  • How to program EEPROM with ADAV4601 + USB Serial Converter


    I'm working with the ADAV4601 on our own PCB which is set up just like the eval board. I'm using the USB Serial Converter from the eval kit wiring I2C directly from the USB-EV bridge board to our development board I2C bus which connects our host…

  • RE: DRC and EQ

    The ADAV4601 is an older product that was part of our advanced TV group, and it now falls into the digital audio group's support system.

    1. There is no register control, evaluation board, or communication interface for the ADAV4601. If you want to…