• ADAU7118 I2C communication Failing

    Hi Analog Devices Team,

    I am using ADAU7118 and using I2C salve address as 0x2F because the address pin is tied Vdd.

    When I am trying to read the Vendor ID, we are not able to get the value as per the data sheet. Can you please give us any suggestions…

  • ADAU7118 Decimation Factor


    In the datasheet of ADAU7118 it is mentioned that it can support decimation ratio of 16x. For our application the maximum PDM clock is 4.8MHz. If we use decimation of 16x for the same we will get sampling frequency of 300MHz, which is more than maximum…

  • ADAU7118: Trouble with channel enabling

    Hello. I'm using 4 ADAU7118 (TDM to PCM converters) with a 25-mic array. They are fed by the same BCLK and FS clocks, and use TDM-8.  Channel enabling is handled using the ENABLES register, with bits 3:0. I can get any individual microphone working…

  • Multiple PDM converters together: ADAU7118

    Is it feasible to use multiple ADAU7118 (etc) PDM-to-TDM/ converters with the same MCU? How would you manage the PDM clocks?

    Each device has 2 clocks, and 8 PDM channels. Could I simply enable only a single clock on one of the devices, and pass it to…

  • RE: ADAU7118 & 4channel driver including dts


    I am trying to do this on the Analog Devices kernel rpi-5.10y and when I use the default adau7118 simple overlay it works for two mics in i2s mode on my custom i2c board but when I switch from dai-tdm-slot-num = <2> to <4> I get this error:…

  • adau7118 on raspberry pi with 4 channel tdm


    I need to run 4-channel microphones on the CM4 module.

    I am trying to do this starting with the raspberry 3 on the Analog Devices kernel rpi-5.10y and when I use the default adau7118 simple overlay it works for two mics in i2s mode on my custom…

  • How to use ADAU7118 in Kuiper Kernel environment

    Hi all,

    I purchased an ADAU7118EVM and tried to connect it to my RasberryPi3.

    I have created and registered a DT Overlay in ADI's Kuiper Kernel environment, but the device does not show up in "io_info" or "arecord -l".
    Can you…

  • How to add adau7118 to MTK platform



  • ADAU7118 PDM Clock setting?


    I want to connect a digital MEMS microphone to the ADAU7118 and output the I2S signal.
    When the serial port is in I2S stereo mode, I think CLK0 of PDM is the frequency of FSYNC x DECIMATION RATIO, but it is much lower than that when measured.
  • ADAU7118 i2C speed compatibility

    Ive looked through the data sheet for the ADAU7118

    and cant find any information  on the speed compatibility of the i2C bus (standard mode: 100 kbit/s, full speed: 400 kbit/s, fast mode: 1 mbit/s, high speed: 3,2 Mbit/s)

    can anyone tell me this so i can…