• ADAU7002


    I have a question ADAU7002.

    Please tell me how you are doing downsampling when PDM → PCM conversion ADAU7002 inside.
    (Thin out data? Low pass filter? Etc.)


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  • ADAU7002 + ADAU1701

    Hi Sir,

    My end customer have a design==> PDM to I2S(ADAU7002) and I2S in ADAU1701 headphone output.

    For my check,

    ADAU1701 MCLK can use internal crystal and LRCLK/BCLK need output to ADAU7002,

    Can you teach me register window and schematic how…

  • ADAU7002 overshoot?


    I use the ADAU7002 to convert PDM signal to i2s.

    When I turn on the power I get some kind of "overshoot" at the signal output for about 1 sec (image attached)

    Is this normal behavior?

    Can anyone explain the reason of that and how to…

  • ADAU7002 Current



    I have a question ADAU7002.

    Please tell me the operating current of the ADAU7002.

    Currently IOVDD = 2.2 V is input to the power supply voltage and I thought that the operating current was 0.85 mA from the data sheet.
    Is it that SDATA 4.5 mA and PDM_CLK…

  • ADAU7002 Timing Diagram


    ADAU7002 datasheet doesn't contain a timing diagram between BCLK, LRCLK and PDM_CKL. I need it because I want to synchronize a multiple sources at same time (simultaneously) using TDM8 mode. Could anyone provide me a diagram where several ADAU7002…

  • ADAU7002 Question

    The phenomenon as shown in the figure occurs immediately after BCLK input start in ADAU 7002.

    The output is flat for 4 ms to 16 ms (50 to 180 samples at 11 kHz), is it normal?


    Also, when sampling sound with constant frequency and output, you can se…

  • ADAU7002 Eagle library


    Anyone has eagle library for ADAU7002?

  • ADAU7002 PCLK is not generating

    Hi All,

    I am using ADAU7002 chip for PDM to I2S conversion. I am using PDM digital mic (MP34DB02) for input.

    I checked BCLK and LRCLK. BCLK(Bit clock) and LRCLK(SYNC) frequency are proper and their values are 1024MHz and 16KHz respectively. But ADAU7002…

  • ADAU7002 PDM output clock issue


    We are using ADAU7002 to covert from PDM to TDM input. The condition is as below.

    Our configuration is as below, and the TDM LRCK/BCK from host is 48k/12.288MHz TDM mode.

    But we found the PDM_CLK output from ADAU7002 is 1.5MHz only, it should be 3…

  • ADAU7002 SMT Reflow Profile Document

    Dear Sir,

    Dear All:

    Is there any  ADAU7002 relevant "SMT reflow profile" can provide to me refer? On ADI's website where can download these document? Would you please provide ADAU7002 “SMT reflow profile”?

    Thanks a lot.