• ADAU7002 TDM data format for microchip ATSAME53J19A Board

    Dear All,

    We have ATSAME53J19A microchip board with custom schematic. In this board we have 2 ADAU7002 chip and each chip having 2 microphones with PDM output so total we have 4 ,microphones. We have added the 4 microphones in the i2s driver configuration…

  • ADAU7002 with USB-based DSD Native

    Can the ADAU be used directly with a USB-packeted native PDM (DSD) stereo signal? USB-based PDM is a 32-bit input signal

    We also need a solution that converts DSD-over-PCM ("DoP") to pure PCM. This is a 24-bit input signal.

    Based on my reading…

  • Question about ADAU7002 data sheet Figure 3

    There are three questions regarding Figure 3 in the ADAU7002 data sheet.
    ① There is a peak at 1kHz, 2kHz, 3kHz. What is the principle of this?
    ② As for ①, does the peak increase as the input signal increases?
    ③ What kind of signal is being input…
  • Using multiple ADAU7002 in single DAI for Embedded Linux

    Hi all,

    I work on a RnD project that is using 2 adau7002 devices with 4 PDM mics. 

    My first prototype works electronically in perfect condition. I confirmed this with bare metal boards, scope and logic analyzer observations.

    However, I lost outputs of…

  • is the group delay steady for ADAU7002

    my application: a pair of PDM microphone to ADAU7002, which convert PDM to I2S, then to host processor. I saw the group delay is 3.31 LRCLK cycles. Is it steady over time? 

  • ADAU7002 interfacing with SAI on iMX6UL


    I am trying to setup the device tree of my Variscite iMX6UL Dart SOM to interface with multiple ADAU7002 in TDM format using simple sound card. I have made edits in the dtsi file to try and enable SAI3 with no luck. Here are my edits to the simple…

  • ADAU7002 PDM output clock issue


    We are using ADAU7002 to covert from PDM to TDM input. The condition is as below.

    Our configuration is as below, and the TDM LRCK/BCK from host is 48k/12.288MHz TDM mode.

    But we found the PDM_CLK output from ADAU7002 is 1.5MHz only, it should be 3…

  • RE: 关于芯片ADAU7002的使用问题

    只要是标准的PDM MIC,我们的7002都是可以接入并转换的,请确认你的PDM MIC是否工作正常。

  • RE: ADAU7002 overshoot?

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • ADAU7002 Current



    I have a question ADAU7002.

    Please tell me the operating current of the ADAU7002.

    Currently IOVDD = 2.2 V is input to the power supply voltage and I thought that the operating current was 0.85 mA from the data sheet.
    Is it that SDATA 4.5 mA and PDM_CLK…