• About ADAU1979 signal quality

    there had a Interference signal approaching 5K

    the adau1979 reg cfg in next ( TDM8 + 48K + 12.288MKZ + LRCLK MODE):

    addr: 0x0 data : 0x1
    addr: 0x1 data : 0xd1
    addr: 0x2 data : 0x4a
    addr: 0x3 data : 0x7d
    addr: 0x4 data : 0x3f
    addr: 0x5 data : 0x5a
    addr: 0x6…

  • About the filter function of ADAU1979 and ADAU1978


    I have a question about the filter characteristics of ADAU1979 and ADAU1978.
    In the data sheet P4, there is a description about pass band that is 0.475 × fs at fs = 48kHz, but should I think about 0.475 × fs at fs = 96kHz and fs = 192kHz as well…

  • How does the ADAU1979 and AD9212 handle signals below 10hz?

    I am using the ADAU1979 card to measure vibration using accelerometers and the AD9212 to measure tachometer signals.  I am having some issues with signals below 10hz.  All the individuals who decided on the hardware are no longer with the company.   I am…

  • ADAU1979 going over max sample rate

    The max sample rate for this chip is listed as 192 kHz. I need to have a sample rate of roughly 196 kHz. The datasheet notes that the clock source can be LRCLK or MCLK. It specifies that LRCLK mode only supports 32 to 192 kHz. Would I be able to get a…

  • About the analog input rating of ADAU1979


    I have a question about the ADAU1979 analog input terminal ratings.
    The Analog Input Voltage (Signal Pins) is specified as -0.3V to 3.6V in the "ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS" section on page 7 of the data sheet.

    However, ADAU1979 is differentially…

  • RE: ADAU1979 Voltage Swing

    Hello makalu79,

    This was an oversight on the original datasheet. We have submitted a change request to update the table. Here is the new table:

    I think this should clear up your question.

    Dave T

  • ADAU1979 behavior under loss of MCLK

    Is anyone aware of any abnormal behavior in the ADAU1979 if MCLK is lost (but BCLK and LRCLK keep running)? 

  • ADAU1979: What starts a conversion cycle?

    We're using multiple ADAU1979 ADC's in our design.  The datasheet for this ADC is notably vague on which clocks are controlling the internal conversion.  It is understood that the LRCLK and BCLK control the output data transfer.  It is implied that…

  • Do ADAU1977 and ADAU1979 support sample by sample operation?

    Hi, we are about to buy ADZS-SC573-EZLITE kit and it has ADAU1977 and ADAU1979 ADCs on board.

    My concern is that ADAU1977 and ADAU1979 ADCs support sample by sample analog-to-digital conversion operation.

    In other words, we ask if it can operate so that…

  • How to close channel of ADAU1979


    I'm using ADAU1979 as ADC, it has 4 channels but I only needs 2 right now. 

    I have an array to store the data from ADAU1979 and the data of 4 channels are interleaved

    I want to disable other 3 channels so I all my data is come from the only one…