• Audio A/D Converter

    I have questions about ADAU1978:

    1. I assume that figure 12 in datasheet "ADC Filter Stop-Band Response at fs = 48 kHz" was not measured at 48 kHz? I assume it was measured at fs = 44.1 kHz? I have never seen before an attenuation of about 50 dB at fs/2…
  • ADAU1961 and TDM4

    Hello ADI designers,
    My question is about the ADAU1961, and more precisely about its TDM4 feature.
    Basically : how to use 2 ADAU1961 with a sharing of their ADC_SDATA and DAC_SDATA lines ?
    The aim is to use only 2 lines of data for 2 CODECs, instead of 4…

  • RE: Interfacing 4 ADCs and 4 DACs with ADAU145X

    Hello Tyler,

    I looked at the ADCs, DAC and the CODECs from AD.

    I could use the ADAU1962A DAC in standalone mode and use 8 of the 12 channels in SE mode with passive filter.

    I could also use 2 x ADAU1978 ADC, also in standalone mode in pseudo differential…

  • RE: How to configure SPORTS for ADC/DSP/DAC

    Hello Dave T,

    Thanks for the additional info.

    Q1: Can the ADAU1978 operate in BCLK-less mode or is it the same as the ADAU1977? We are planning to switch to the ADAU1978 to get rid of the 14dB attention.

    We are currently driving BCLK from the 1966…

  • RE: About a value of Single-Ended input voltage on ADAU1977

    Hi Yuta,

    Thanks for the details on the input type. Is it in the range of 5V rms? If it is not then we have ADAU1978/1979 which could be useful. The ADAU1978/79 does not have attenuator at the inputs. Hence for low voltage signals the full dynamic range…

  • RE: ADAU 1701 external ADC with TDM

    Hi Jonas,

    I would recommend that you use two ADAU1978s to accomplish your goal. Each has 4 ADCs, and can be configured to share a single TDM8 line. Since this is a fairly unique use case, I do not have a reference project available, however I am happy…

  • RE: ADAU1451 under fully output loaing in use SPDIF Tx output and 4 port I2S simultaneoutly

    Hi Sam:

    would your customer consider the 1446, it has more pins and IOs than the 1452. Also if you are going to use one of our ADCs, DACs or Codec, those have TDM output that you can feed in a single I2S port to the 1452.

    Consider the ADAU1977, ADAU1978…

  • RE: The ADAU1401A maximum analog inputs current.

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your answer.

    Usually, either the input voltage or the input current must be limited to avoid damage to the chip. And those two values are given in the Absolute Maximum Ratings section of a data sheet.

    For example for the ADAU1978…

  • RE: SigmaDSP Part Selection

    Hi Josh,

    Depending on my workload at the time, I would be happy to review schematics and register settings for your design that includes the AD1938 and AD1974. For a standalone ADC, please find the ADAU1977. A similar part, the ADAU1978, will be releasing…

  • RE: I need an ADC for audio


    So you want 8 channels of ADC. We do not make an 8-channel audio ADC. We have several quad ADCs with different features. I think you would want the AD1974. It is a quad ADC and you can daisy chain them together to give you one TDM 8 data stream…