• Max current consumption of ADAU1977?

    Hi all.


    We are considering the adoption of ADAU1977.

    The data sheet of the ADAU1977 does not have a description of the maximum current consumption for each power pin.

    Could you tell me the maximum consumption current of each power supply pin?


  • ADAU1977 - MCLKin

    For my customer Factem that is starting a project with the ADAU1977 audio ADC, I have a question regarding the MCLK pin (pin 7)….

    He won’t use the MCLK input clock and will be in slave mode with the PLL locked on the LRCK clock input . Can you tell us…

  • ADAU1977 Drivers

    Do you have any device drivers (linux or microcontroller) available or in development for the ADAU1977 Quad ADC?

  • RE: Can the ADAU1977 be used with a direct wired connection to a handheld professional  condenser microphone?

    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for your interest in ADAU1977. Yes, it should be possible to use the External Phantom Powered Microphone as input to ADAU1977. You can refer Fig 18 in datasheet. Just be careful that the max input level at the input does not exceed beyond…

  • RE: AD1974 Standalone Mode Clocking

    Ah, thank you.  We considered the ADAU1977, but wanted to avoid buying unnecessary features.


  • RE: Are ADAU1962 & ADAU1978 available in SigmaStudio?

    Hi Tang,

    As mentioned in my earlier reply, the ADAU1978 is not supported in sigmastudio library. However there is standalone GUI for the ADAU1977/78/79 parts. The GUI uses the same USBi board. Download the GUI from the link below under Software tab

  • Three wire interface connection to ADAU1977

    Hello ADI Support Team,


    As illustrated in the attached picture, I have a 3 wire interface sensor which I intend to connect with ADAU1977. I have 2 pending questions regarding my proposal:

    • with this connection, could I have the diagnostics feature…
  • About ADAU1977 load current

    Hello all,

    ADAU1977 Data Sheet doesn’t have any information about its load current.

    Could you please provide it for me?

    ■Back ground of the question

    In my system, I connected ADSP21489 to 4 ADCs(ADAU1977).

    I need to know if ADSP21489s driving capability…

  • ADAU1977 slave mode and MCLKIN (pin 7)

    Hi there,

    I am wondering about how to connect the MCLKIN line in a circuit for the ADAU1977.

    I am planning to drive the chip in slave mode.

    In the data sheet reference design for the ADAU1977 (page 65), it suggests the PLL_FILT to be setup using LRCLK…